Nerds Playing Cards

Deck of cards by Randy Butterfield 
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Nerds Playing Cards

10.95 usd

Deck of cards by Randy Butterfield  ($10.95)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Friday morning

The look is inspired by classic '80s movies that are lighthearted and fun, and occasionally center on a Nerds versus Jocks storyline. Included are lots of nods to some of our favorite '80s characters, outfits, and props, plus references to the overall flashy vibe that made the 1980's so grand! It's printed by Expert Playing Card Co., with their Taiwan Printer, and with their classic finish.

These custom playing cards are offered as part of the special "Jocks and Nerds Playing Cards" series which also features "Jocks Playing Cards".

The tuck box and back card for the Nerds Deck feature a closeup design of a dress shirt and, of course, the pocket protector that holds the tools for the quintessential "Nerd" of the '80s. The "Embroidered Patch" Nerds logo is given a place of prominence on the shirt pocket.

The courts for the Nerds Deck are extremely unique.

The Spades and Clubs represent the Nerds.

The Hearts and Diamonds represent the Jocks. The Spade PIPs contain a floppy disk within, and the Spade courts are representative of some prototypical Nerds of the '80s.

The Club PIPs feature a D12 dice graphic, and the Club courts are the gaming and sci-fi Nerds of the deck. The Heart PIPs contain a football goal post, and the Heart courts represent the ultimate sports Jocks of the '80s - football players and cheerleaders! And finally, the Diamond PIPs feature a set of football threads within, and the Club Courts are the partying and workout Jocks of the '80s. Bring on the togas, headbands & mullets!

The Jokers fit the Nerds versus Jocks theme as well. They both share a similar and traditional Joker pose, but the Red Joker is the big and popular football player, while the Black Joker is the small and diminutive Nerd. All of the Face cards share a laser grid design as a subtle background graphic.

The Nerds Deck is extremely useable for card games, and will start a conversation at any game night!

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