NOC Pro 2021 Playing Cards

Deck of cards by The Blue Crown
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NOC Pro 2021 Playing Cards

10.00 usd

Deck of cards by The Blue Crown (10.00)

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With amazing new colors, an exquisite embossed case and a FULL marking system, "NOC Pro Playing Cards" may be as close to the perfect deck of cards for card magic and cardistry as possible.

For more than a decade, NOC Playing Cards have been the top choice for magicians, cardists and playing card collectors across the globe. Millions of these playing cards have been sold and now they're better than ever.

The iconic minimalist back design features a new inner border that adds a touch of elegance. This lavish enhancement is the perfect compliment to the stylish new colorways:

  • Navy Blue
  • Jet Black
  • Greystone
  • Burgundy Red

These bold colors are the perfect embodiment of class and style. The gorgeous matte tuck case has also been fully redesigned and manufactured on color-infused, embossed linen and velum paper.

Card magicians and mentalists will love the extra card magic potential infused into this deck. Each deck of "NOC Pro Playing Cards" is a fully marked deck of cards for both SUIT and VALUE (unlike standard NOC Playing Cards, which are typically only marked for the suit).

Manufactured to perfection on premium, thin-crushed paper by the United States Playing Card Company, "NOC Pro Playing Cards" are a true gem designed with the professional magician in mind.

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Customer reviews for NOC Pro 2021 Playing Cards



I was looking for a twin deck of poker cards with a simple uncomplicated back in Red and Black to compliment a ESP deck I carry…I chose these, being marked is an added bonus and wasn’t actually on my specifications list…nice enough cards, pleasant to use…decent value for money…you do have to order single decks in the colour you are after…they don’t have a twin pack option just in case my review causes any misunderstandings…I would purchase more of these..!



Really great deck of cards. Well designed and simple. The markings are really clever also. Just a classic deck that feels great to use.



I rarely write reviews but I had to for this one. This is my first NOC deck and I’m not at all disappointed. The cards right out of the case are ready to go. They feel amazing in the hands. Easy to shuffle and glide perfectly. Some of the best cards I’ve ever used. I got 2 decks for under $10 so they were a steal. Now that I know how they perform I’d happily pay full price (and will when my decks wear out).



I bought both the red and blue decks. Upon examining the decks before looking at the instructions, I could NOT find a hint of how to read them. Fifteen minutes later, I was reading the deck (face down), one after the other. This is stunner, really deceptive. Glad I bought them!



Handled well out of the box. Nice tuck case, simple but elegant cards. Marking system is great but reading the diamond cards is 50/50 unless I am doing it wrong. Marking system is one way but the diamond cards are two way. Not sure if it is a flaw in the design or mistake on my part. Would buy any day.



This deck features high-quality, durable cards that are perfect for cardistry, magic, and other performance arts. The unique design and eye-catching back design make this deck a great choice for both magicians and card enthusiasts alike. The cards handle beautifully, shuffle with ease and have a good feel to them. Overall, the "NOC Pro" deck of cards by The Blue Crown is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality playing card set.

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These are a great pack of cards, they feel great and handle great. The marking system takes some getting used to but I wouldn't say it is difficult. As with all things, a little practice and you're good to go. It's very deceptive also so you won't have anyone knowing what is going on. Another great product from Alex.



I agree with the other reviews. However, I would add a caveat to the mix. I'm 56 years old and my eyes are still fine BUT I need decent lighting to read this system. It is so subtle that you really have to be super familiar with it and even then, you're not just doing a one-time glance at the card like many marked cards (i.e. because it's binary). As a result, you need to ensure that you are casual in your "read". I found that the quicker you glance where you need to, the easier it is to pick up the subtle differences that allow you to read the card. It is that subtlety that is so deceptive. Before I purchased them I was like, "Huh? They're marked???" I thought they were probably "juiced" or something similar. They're done very well. I do think that the inside border could be a bit thicker/wider to help with contrast. It's easier to spot the suit than the value because of this. I do believe they definitely withstand the "riffle test". I'll never forget watching a spectator in a bar riffle the cards to see if he could pick up markings. Spectators nowadays have so many online options to be well-informed that subtlety like this is valuable. Because they are not Bicycles but they are very plain...they still fly under the radar.



I bought the Red deck, this Comes with a nice simple designed TUC Case, with the suit pips on the front off the TUC box, which looks cool, no adds, so its a nice and clean TUC case, hoora. A great deck, the stock is nice and crisp, its a good deck to handle, including doing flourishes, fans, farro shuffle, and cardistry moves. The marking system is easier than i expected, once you no were to look. It does come with a card that you can scan to get the marking system.The system for value uses the binary system, and the same for the suit, and the same for the one way system too,.so you look at the corners for the suit, and value, and for the one way system, this is a very clever system.This is a great deceptive deck.Alex NOC'd it out the park.Type in below into you tube, for this marking system explained:
#magicmarking system #magicrevealed


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  • Will asks: Do these come with a double backer? If not, is it available to purchase?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately, these do not come with a double back. You do get two jokers so you can easily make one.
  • Andrew asks: How do you know how to read these

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You receive a small card with a QR code that takes you to a link with the instructions.
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