What are NOC Playing Cards?

Since being first introduced by magician and YouTuber Alex Pandrea in 2012, NOC Playing Cards have evolved into some of the popular playing cards in the world. Their remarkably simple, yet strikingly elegant signature design has made them beloved by both cardists and magicians alike. The NOCs have proven to be a top choice for workers, card collectors, and card enthusiasts. They've earned their place in the history of playing cards. Whatever your preference, NOCs are the answer.

Original NOC V1 Playing Cards in different colors

Originally only available in basic colors like Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Black, NOCs are now available in a wide variety of strikingly vibrant colors including special series like the SUPERNOC superhero themed and neon NOC Sport playing cards. Each deck typically comes with matching Jokers, a custom ACE of spades and a signature marking system that allows you to determine the playing card suit from the back with just a glance.

They're thin-crushed on the United States Playing Card Company stock and come wrapped in a thick, sturdy matching card box.

What Does NOC Mean?

One of the most common questions asked about NOC playing cards revolves around its name. Everyone wants to know what NOC means. According to Pandrea, this idea came during a brainstorming session for the initial NOC decks. He was talking about the new deck and someone asked what the design was and Pandrea responded “Nothing, Only Color” or NOC. This name stood out and made for a great brand.

Summer NOC Orange Playing Cards

What Different Types of NOC Playing Cards are There?

While NOCs are now one of the most recognizable brands of custom playing cards in the world, this wasn’t always the case. NOCs have gone through many evolutions.

The original NOC V1 playing cards were about as plain as you could think. They had a single color, thick borders and no marking system. Yet, people really grew fond of this simplicity. They looked great and card tricks and fans. So, Pandrea wanted to expand and improve.

The NOC V2 playing cards introduced the thinner borders and suit marking system. They also came with a duplicate card and a free video on how to use that and the marking system for powerful card tricks. This new edition brought the special summer colors, christmas edition and the super popular NOC Out Black cards.

The V3 NOCS brough in the Expert Playing Card Company and the signature sideways tuck box. This really gave NOCs a signature look that defined the brand.

Other beloved NOC include the signatures series, collaborations with magicians like Shin Lim and Dani DaOrtiz, special limited edition decks for events like CardistryCon and even the White NOCs. These all white NOCS began as a joke. Pandrea wanted to create white deck with markings. Yet, they proved to be a massive success selling out in no time.

At the 2019 Cardistry Con, it was unveiled that House of Playing Cards would produce NOCs based on user submissions called #MYNOC Decks. This 3-part series launched with #MYNOC 1: Metal

They’ve even created hard NOCs plastic cardistry trainers for those looking to improve their cardistry skills.

MyNOC Metal Playing Cards Backs

Where Can I Buy NOC Playing Cards?

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What If You're Interested In Other Aspects Of Magic?

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