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Pocket Bizarre Trick
Pocket Bizarre
Trick by Peter Eggink - $39.95

Peter's exquisitely engineered gimmick does it all. YOU CLEARLY SHOW THERE'S NOTHING STICKING OUT OF YOUR BACK POCKET...JUST YOUR BASIC INNOCENT BACK POCKET. YOUR HANDS ARE EMPTY AND NEVER COME NEAR THE BACK POCKET. AND YET...A bizarre moment later you turn to show your pocket again...and now THE...

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Peter Eggink Live Lecture Magic download (video)
Peter Eggink Live Lecture
Magic download (video) by Peter Eggink - $7.95

Peter Eggink has created quite the impressive repuation for himself. His effects a magical, fooling and clever. Without exception, all of the effects that he has released have been popular and his lecture performances have been equally well received. If you like visual close up magic, this...

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Bizarre Vanish Magic download (video)
Bizarre Vanish
Magic download (video) by Paul Harris - $3.50

Paul Harris' Bizarre Vanish has become a classic of magic and we're proud to offer it in download form. In effect, a singed card is inserted width wise between two indifferent cards, leaving the card sticking out from both sides of the indifferent card. The participant holds onto...

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