Blank Back Bicycle Cards

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Accessory by US Playing Card Co. - Gaff ($8.00)

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Blank Back Bicycle Cards - magic

52 Blank Back Bicycle Cards (box color varies)


Community questions about Blank Back Bicycle Cards

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  • Ben asks: Just double checking; this deck is full of different face cards and all backs are blank? Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: That's correct.
  • Winston asks: Is this deck a full deck, or random cards with blank backs? Does it come in new deck order?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: New deck order.
  • WILLIAM asks: The descriptions says 52 cards. So... no jokers?

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    Customer reviews for Blank Back Bicycle Cards



    Really high quality cards that are fun to use for normal deck work as well as colour change/trick deck stuff. These work well in conjunction with double blank cards and can do a lot of nice effects.

    They handle like a regular deck so any sleights can be easily performed. I'd heartily recommend them to anyone who does card tricks. Affordable and incredibly versatile whilst being well made.



    I ordered the blank back Bicycle Deck in… red. (Just kidding). It is in immaculate bright white, with the cards’ faces in regular color/shades of the International Card Co. Thus, it fits seamlessly with other cards produced by IPCC. 2 double blank cards accompany the set.

    Great magicians have already explored the possibilities of such a set. Dennis Behr and Darwin Ortiz have published along those lines. Look’em up.

    It’s worth exploring.

    Blank Back Bicycle Cards by US Playing Card Co. - Gaff