Mental Photo Deck Bicycle

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Accessory by Daryl Easton ($13.40)

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Mental Photo Deck Bicycle - magic

An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to do a miracle - yet is EASY TO DO.


Imagine removing a strange deck of cards with no faces and no backs - the whole deck is freely shown blank. Suddenly one blank card develops a face and then a back. Then, the entire deck instantly has faces and backs. One quick cut of the cards and they are all blank again. It looks amazing. The faces and backs develop and disappear in a stunning manner!

Includes thorough, illustrated instructions by World Champion Magician - DARYL giving you all the details!

Available in Red or Blue backs.


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  • Jermaine asks: Quick question: I see the deck comes with instructions by Daryl; Does the Essentials DVD by Daryl included with the Deck?

    • 1. Tony answers: Nope! it comes with a written instruction
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Customer reviews for Mental Photo Deck Bicycle



Hardcore skeptics get baffled by this one!



After all my years as a hobbyist I never purchased this deck. So glad I did because this looks really really good. It's great for laymen but it's just so fun to do that I will be performing this often. The visuals are very clean and the overall working of the deck is fantastic. Very high quality. This is a classic for a reason.



I like this gimmicked deck and it is fun to use. The plot is really simple and you can change it so that it fits your personality. One thing that I like doing is making this a hypnotism effect. The deck is also well made.



I love this trickā€¦ the quality of the deck is very good, and the effect is a lot of fun. I carry this deck around with me all the time. It truly looks like a miracle.



I've only just started using the deck I received, for a routine involving Regal's highly recommended Sudden Deck 3.0. I must say, it is surprisingly poor quality. The strange thing is, I've owned a few of these and previous decks have been just fine. This one was cut haphazardly making the underlying S!@n principle unworkable. It's also barely r#%$hed on some of the cards. I wish I'd checked sooner so I could have returned it. Murphys quality control is haphazard at the best of times. This appears to be yet another example of that.