Patience Puzzle Box

Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse
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Type of puzzle: Soma Cube Puzzle | Packing Puzzle | Tetracube Puzzle
Difficulty: Easy to Expert
Material: Wood
Size: 4.3in x 3.5in

Patience Puzzle Box

24.95 usd

Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse (24.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.

The most versatile puzzle in the world.

If you were to only ever buy one puzzle, it should be the “Patience Puzzle”. Combining three of the most popular puzzle styles in the world, this is one of the most fun puzzles for kids and adults alike. With just a few premium wood pieces, you gain instant access to 100s of different puzzles to train your brain and test your skills.

Like our super popular “A-Puzzle-A-Day”, the “Patience Puzzle Box” offers a lot more below the surface. There is a lifetime's worth of possibilities packed into this gorgeous handmade box, offering endless fun for one low price.

The first puzzle begins as soon as you open the box. Once you pour the pieces out, your first challenge is to get them all back in the box. This is an amazing packing puzzle that you’ll love solving.

That is, of course, if you ever even get a chance to attempt it. Because, these are also the pieces needed for Soma Cube puzzles and Tetracube puzzles. Puzzle lovers agree that these are the most addicting puzzles in the world.

The Soma Cube is the most famous dissection puzzle ever created (even more famous than “Martin’s Menace”). It was invented by Danish Polymath Piet Hein and popularized by legendary magician Martin Gardner in one of his best “Mathematical Games” columns in the “Scientific American.”

Originally, the goal was simply to use the 7 Soma pieces to create a 3D cube like a Rubik’s Cube. There are 240 different ways to do this on its own. But, over the years, people have discovered there are 100s of different fun 3D shapes you can create using the Soma Cube pieces. From beds to castles, robots, dinosaurs and everything in between.

A full starter guide teaching you all you need to know about Soma Cubes will be added to your Vanishing Inc. account. You’ll also find the most popular Soma Cube shapes to create and 100s of others for you to try, along with some fun Tetracube ideas as well. You’ll never get bored of the “Patience Puzzle.”

This desktop puzzle is designed to easily fit in a desk drawer or backpack so you solve a puzzle whenever you want. Challenge yourself to one a day or tackle a bunch at one time. It’s totally up to you. “The Patience Puzzle” is a helpful way to promote creativity, increase productivity, calm anxiety, keep your mind occupied to stop fidgeting or even achieve a state of mindfulness.


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