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Ammar Trilogy DVD
Ammar Trilogy
DVD by Michael Ammar - $49.95 $35.00 (SAVE $14.95)

This is what professionals call The Real Work. It's all revealed with the trademark technique pioneered by World Champion Magician Michael Ammar...

Quidnunc Plus! DVD
Quidnunc Plus!
DVD by Paul Gordon - $30.00 $21.00 (SAVE $9.00)

If you enjoyed Quidnunc, then you'll love the 2 DVD set Quidnunc Plus!Paul Gordon took 22 routines from his book, Quidnunc, and put them on video....

Expose Trick
Trick by SansMinds - $34.95 $24.50 (SAVE $10.45)

Expose is a slow and incredibly visual change that is about as close to real magic as you can get. Watch your spectator’s jaws drop as they see a...

Mind Pro Set Trick
Mind Pro Set
Trick by Luca Volpe and Paul McCraig - $60.00 $42.00 (SAVE $18.00)

The Mind Pro Set is a full 20 minutes self-contained close-up Mentalism set that is designed to be performed under 'spatially aware' and close up...

Devil's Bandana V2 Trick
Devil's Bandana V2
Trick by Lee Alex - From $24.00 - normally $33.95

New design. New look. New colors. Implementing feedback from magicians around the world, Lee Alex is excited to bring you the wickedly clever...

Camera Tricks DVD
Camera Tricks
DVD by Casshan Wallace - $29.95 $21.00 (SAVE $8.95)

Casshan Wallace immediately found worldwide attention with his rubber band effect Melting Point. With acclaim and buzz surrounding his YouTube...

Cohesive DVD or download
DVD or download by Kevin Li - $19.95 $9.00 (SAVE $10.95)

"I hate gum tricks, but I love this one. I'm fooled." Justin Flom Nothing is more organic, spontaneous, or surprising to spectators than taking an...

Magic Atlas Book
Magic Atlas
Book by Joshua Jay - $35.00 $24.50 (SAVE $10.50)

When Joshua Jay first came onto the scene, he wrote and published this book. The layout is corny, and he didn't have the writing experience he has...

Ash and Ember Gold (Curved)  Trick
Ash and Ember Gold (Curved)
Trick by Zack Heath - $49.95 $22.50 (SAVE $27.45)

In magic there are few things more visually striking than the visual changing of an object. Ash & Ember delivers the world's first color...

Magic Butterfly Trick
Magic Butterfly
Trick by Tenyo Magic and So Sato - $29.95 $21.00 (SAVE $8.95)

Produce a butterfly! In this truly unique magic effect, the magician magically produces a butterfly of a chosen color, on a pin inside a...

Sandwich Change Trick
Sandwich Change
Trick by SansMinds - $29.95 $21.00 (SAVE $8.95)

A color change that happens in your spectator’s hands! Sandwich Change is a highly visual effect that will leave your audience speechless. While your...

Johnny Thompson's Magic Made Easy DVD or download
Johnny Thompson's Magic Made Easy
DVD or download by Johnny Thompson - $29.95 $13.50 (SAVE $16.45)

In the world of magic, there's no one who is held in higher esteem than Johnny Thompson. As a performer, he's traveled all over the world performing...

Meet The Jack DVD
Meet The Jack
DVD by Jorge Garcia - $30.00 $21.00 (SAVE $9.00)

We weren't familiar with Jorge Garcia, but we were delighted by his debut DVD. This is real-world parlor material that you can pluck right into your...

Ash and Ember Silver (Curved) Trick
Ash and Ember Silver (Curved)
Trick by Zack Heath - $49.95 $22.50 (SAVE $27.45)

In magic there are few things more visually striking than the visual changing of an object. Ash & Ember delivers the world's first color...

Revise 5 Mark II Trick
Revise 5 Mark II
Trick by Skymember Presents and Mike Clark - $39.95 $28.00 (SAVE $11.95)

"Revise5 is what happens when you take a good idea and make it a great one! This is visual eye candy at its best!" Adam Wilber When it...

The Complete Ganson Magic Teach-In Series Book
The Complete Ganson Magic Teach-In Series
Book by Lewis Ganson - $79.95 $56.00 (SAVE $23.95)

Beginning in the late 1970s, Lewis Ganson, one of magic's most respected writers of that era, produced a series of booklets that featured...

Perpetual Puzzle Trick
Perpetual Puzzle
Trick by Tenyo Magic - $29.95 $21.00 (SAVE $8.95)

A rectangular puzzle fits perfectly inside of a frame. The magician adds a new piece and rebuilds the puzzle, yet somehow they still form a...

LoKey Trick
Trick by Lost Art Magic and Beau Cremer - $30.00 $21.00 (SAVE $9.00)

A Master Prediction System you can carry in your pocket! Imagine being able to predict a freely chosen date, time and celebrity using the lockscreen...

Sword Reward Trick
Sword Reward
Trick by Ltd. Tenyo Co. - $19.95 $14.00 (SAVE $5.95)

A coin (with a hole in the center) and a ring are placed into a clear box. A mini sword is place through the box trapping the coin. In an instant...

Squid Cards Trick
Squid Cards
Trick by Michael Murray, Harry Robson, Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd - From $13.50 - normally $28.99

Now available in a stage size! Squid Game inspired ESP cards that allow you to play "the game" and bring an exciting and relatable flair to...

ReWrapped Trick
Trick by Chris Turchi and Brandon David - $24.95 $17.50 (SAVE $7.45)

One of the most organic visual effects ever made has been upgraded for the modern performer. While there have been countless gum magic tricks...

Tempus Trick
Trick by Menny Lindenfeld - $55.00 $38.50 (SAVE $16.50)

A revolutionary new approach to stopping time with your mind. This legendary underground system is finally being made available for the first time...

Stand-Up Sponges Book
Stand-Up Sponges
Book by Ken de Courcy - $15.00 $10.50 (SAVE $4.50)

Sponge balls are a classic of magic, but rarely will you find a text written for sponge magic onstage. Ken de Courcy comes to the rescue with...

Blink Vanish Trick
Blink Vanish
Trick by SansMinds Productionz and Robert Lupu - $39.95 $28.00 (SAVE $11.95)

There are numerous classic card effects involving a torn corner. There's only one thing missing -- a perfect visual vanish, until NOW. SansMinds...

Side Show Trick
Side Show
Trick by Joshua Jay - $10.00 $7.00 (SAVE $3.00)

Question: Is it possible for a playing card to have no sides? Answer: It is in "Side Show! In "Side Show," the magician...

Purse Trick
Trick by Vernet Magic - $49.95 $35.00 (SAVE $14.95)

A specially manufactured pouch from Vernet Magic that allows you to perform a variety of hard-hitting close up magic and strolling magic routines, in...

Sparks DVD or download
DVD or download by JC James - $24.95 $11.25 (SAVE $13.70)

JC James will spark your imagination and creativity with a series of impromptu miracles, using rubber bands, coins, cards and dollar bills....

Polished Presentations Book
Polished Presentations
Book by Johnny Cooper - $5.00 $3.50 (SAVE $1.50)

If you are looking for a text with a collection of classics for stand-up and close-up, then look no further than Polished Presentations by Johnny...

A Pocketful of Miracles Book
A Pocketful of Miracles
Book by Hugh Miller - $29.95 $21.00 (SAVE $8.95)

A Pocketful of Miracles is an incredible collection of magic specifically for impromptu performer. Be ready anytime you need, be it at a table,...

Tenyo Magic - Magical Calendar Trick
Tenyo Magic - Magical Calendar
Trick by Tenyo Magic and Ltd. Tenyo Co. - $15.00 $10.50 (SAVE $4.50)

Have you ever REALLY thought about your birthday? How amazing it is that everything came together for you to be born on that specific day. What if...

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