Kids Show Masterplan

By Danny Orleans
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Kids Show Masterplan

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Book or download by Danny Orleans (Book $50.00 or download for $37.50)

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Danny Orleans' new book is destined to become the modern-day guide to performing magic for children.

Combining his classroom experience as a preschool and kindergarten teacher with over 40 years of performing magic for children in schools, museums, libraries, private parties and theaters, Danny Orleans finally reveals his “Masterplan” on how to create and present a magic show for children.

Watch the accompanying video trailer as he introduces you to the book. With more than 180 pages and 150 full-color photos and diagrams, this hard-cover volume is filled with Danny's real-world experience. He takes a step beyond his critically acclaimed DVDs to share his theory, strategy and seven unpublished routines to help you build a successful kids show. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re an experienced kid show pro, you’ll benefit from Danny’s extensive use of child-psychology, his approach to trick selection and his multiple examples on how to deal with any room setting to maximize the impact of your show.

In Kids Show Masterplan, Danny teaches you the psychological techniques he uses every time he does a kids show so you can effortlessly manage young children’s behavior. You’ll get practical solutions for your real-world challenges including…

  • Keeping kids seated 
  • Getting and holding kids’ attention 
  • Dealing with crying children 
  • Choosing volunteers
  • Managing kids' disappointment 
  • Controlling onstage helpers 
  • Preventing kids from rushing the stage
  • Touching children appropriately

In addition, an entire chapter is dedicated to Danny’s Onsite Marketing Plan. It’s filled with low-cost and no-cost non-traditional ideas, many of which you can begin using immediately -- all designed to increase your bookings.

Danny Orleans’ credentials as an expert on performing magic for children are unrivaled: He's a former elementary school teacher who became a master kids show entertainer performing throughout North America. Just a few years ago he began to share his unique approach to working with children to the magic community. He's released two critically acclaimed DVD sets. With his performing partner, Jan Rose, he's lectured throughout the US, Canada, the United Kingdom and most recently, at the 2015 FISM convention in Italy.

Be the best children’s entertainer you can possibly be. Buy, read and implement the ideas, routines and psychological strategies you’ll find in Kids Show Masterplan.

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Customer reviews for Kids Show Masterplan



Great job Danny. I have had a few kids shows already, and each time I felt like something was missing or I wasn't fulfilling my potential at these gigs. Reading this book has lead me to a realization of what had been missing! This is an amazing book, and I would encourage anyone getting into the kids show market to pick this up, wether you are about to start or have been in it for years, this is a book you NEED.

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Danny Orleans book is filled with tons of information on how to put your kids show together and covers aspects not usually found in these books. Plus, the book is filled with colour photos.


Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the November 2015 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by Peter Pitchford

Danny Orleans has experience — nearly fifty years of it.

In fifty years of successful performing, one cannot help but become an expert in that field. Danny has used that experience and expertise to write an excellent book on kids’ shows.

In this attractive hardbound volume, Danny covers developing a character for your shows, audience management, routining, marketing, and more. There is much valuable information for those interested in performing kids’ shows. He describes aiming your shows at specific age groups because of their psychological development. He gives an excellent essay on what to do with a crying child and the reasons why he or she may be crying. He offers excellent trick classifications to help ensure that your show is engaging and has variety. He provides nuts-and-bolts advice about what to have in your emergency kit (medical supplies, tools, grooming items, etc.).

He encourages taking control of your environment so as to maximize audience attention and interaction.

Not only is the book full of helpful advice and wisdom from a longtime pro, there is also a foreword by Jeff McBride, anecdotes from Danny and his partner Jan Rose’s experience, an interview with Jan conducted by Eugene Burger, character profiles from some top kids’-show performers, and routines you can put into your kids’ show.

With all of these excellent strategies and techniques, Kids Show Masterplan is a great read for any current or aspiring kids’-show performer.


Official review from Genii Magazine

From the January 2016 Genii magazine. Reviewed by Kainoa Harbottle

Just because this book is about magic for children doesn’t mean everyone who performs magic shouldn’t read it. This volume arrived exactly when I needed it: I was in the midst of rewriting my own children’s show and into my lap falls Danny Orleans’s latest offering. However, I quickly realized that many of the structures Orleans presents apply to anyone interested in professionally performing any genre of magic. Kids Show Masterplan is the perfect mix of a theoretical framework illustrated with multiple, realworld examples. If you perform magic for kids, you know who Orleans is; however, the quality of thought that went into the content of this work quickly reminds the reader why he is respected throughout the magic community.

Most readers will gravitate to the section in the middle of the book appropriately titled “The Chapter in the Middle.” Here Orleans shares seven effects from himself as well as Todd Kearby, Deane Stern, Bobby Dorian, and Michael Brandwein. Some are quick effects like “The Flip-Over Cigar Box” (a homemade Flip-Over Box) or “Hat Trick” (where one hat seems to penetrate another); others are long routines like a presentation for “Confusing Crayons” based on the theme of maintaining friendship despite differences, or “The Most Powerful Wand in the World,” which is a riotous series of events that bring together an eclectic group of props. Orleans includes his stage illusion “Child to Rabbit,” and the title tells you all you need to know. The gem for me was Brandwein’s “Clay Feat,” which takes an everyday object for kids and transforms it into something profound as well as full of potential.

Orleans style is educational and diplomatic. His tone is hardly one of a Mr. Know-it-all; instead, Orleans shares his own mistakes, which readers should take to heart. Particularly enjoyable are a series of meaningful anecdotes shared by Orleans and his wife Jan Rose called “Recollections from Stage Left”; they are scattered throughout the book according to the topics they best service. If performing for kids is your bread and butter, you probably picked this book up as soon as it was released. However, Kids Show Masterplan perhaps best serves the person just getting started, as it is very much geared as a textbook to learn how to become a kids performer. As I said earlier, any magician interested in the core essentials of performance would find this book delightfully educational.

Copyright 2016 by The Genii Corporation.



Definitely useful information here! I don't have many years of experience, but this definitely improved my shows so far! Thanks to this book, i feel more prepared!



WOW! What an amazing book! So much knowledge in the pages of the book! Just the chapter on the marketing plan is wroth the price! Great job Danny!


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