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The Charlotte Pendragon Sands Trick
The Charlotte Pendragon Sands
Trick by Charlotte Pendragon - $295.00

Charlotte Pendragon's best trick yet is making something old new again, and that is exactly what she does when presenting her Magical Mystery Sands. Magical Mystery Sands is similar to the old classic of magic known as the Sands of Egypt or Hindu Sands. Using a little magic, the magician...

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Professional Sands of the Desert Trick
Professional Sands of the Desert
Trick by Luis de Matos - $1250.00

Vanishing Inc are thrilled to be able to offer you Luis de Matos' unique version of the classic "Sands of the Desert". His signature piece, this is available in a very limited number of units and is perhaps one of your only chances to own and perform a masterpiece of magic, crafted by none other...

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Silken Sands Trick
Silken Sands
Trick by Devin Knight - $20.00 NOW $17.00 (SAVE $3.00)

A novel and flashy effect that your audience hasn't seen before. This was a limited release a few years ago. Now you can make it up yourself in less than an hour, using items found in most of the larger box stores. NO TOOLS of any kind required to assemble! Effect: The performer...

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