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Bad news — the MagicGeeks have moved on to bigger and more geekier things. That means that the store is no more.

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WindowMation Trick
Trick by Sean Bogunia - $375.00

Sean Bogunia is a name we trust. He does some of the best electronics in the business. We normallly shy away from electronic stuff, but this is top-notch, rock-solid work. Imagine this, a card is selected from an ordinary deck and is shuffled back into the deck. The magician spring...

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Magic and Madness DVD
Magic and Madness
DVD by Sean Heydon - $30.00

Here at Vanishing Inc we're very pleased to be able to offer you Magic & Madness from Sean Heydon - a DVD full of practical, fun and exciting methods that will give your performances the edge. Filled with material that Sean uses on a regular basis on television, at stage shows,...

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Suitcase Trick
Trick by Sean Yang - $29.95

Sean Yang's Suitcase is made of aluminum with a velvet layer inside. This novel prop has a lot of comedy potential while also serving a practical purpose! The suitcase is also installed with precision made mini locks, to completely replicate a full-size suitcase. The suitcase is designed to fit...

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