Four 2" Ultra Soft Sponge Balls (Red)

Accessory by Goshman
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Four 2" Ultra Soft Sponge Balls (Red)

5.00 usd

Accessory by Goshman (5.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.

A package of 4 High Density Ultra Soft Sponge Balls.

Diameter: 2"
Color: Red

Includes 5 simple effects and care instruction sheet.


Customer reviews for Four 2" Ultra Soft Sponge Balls (Red)

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Sponge balls magic always catch good reactions. Goshman's sponge ball are really good in quality and the ultra soft version is super easy to work with. If you take good care, they can last a good time. But you should consider getting a new set every now and then, before they look too bad. You can also wash them occasionally.



I purchased these a while back and decided to wait a while before reviewing them. After 6 months of use they remain as ultra soft and consistent in colour as the day I bought them. Futhermore, despite them being a fantastic price they don't feel 'cheap'. I will certainly be buying more of them in the future.



They look big, but they can squish to the size of a nickel or smaller with minimal practice! I haven't owned a full set of Goshman sponge balls since the 80s, and maybe it's just me, but it feels like the balls have evolved into softer, squishier, more crushable, compactable, material.
SUPER-easy to conceal, load, and secretly manipulate. Excellent for creating a minor distraction, or an entire routine.



Love these, no issues with them going out of round. Excellent for your multiplying sponge ball routine.



I’ve been entertaining kids for 15 years and the multiplying sponge balls in their hand is still the strongest effect I do. I love the look on the parents face when their child sees the balls multiply in their hand. These balls are perfect for that.



One of my favourite effects of all time is the multiplying balls trick. I was so happy when I learned it. These are just right for the effect, both kids and adults love this one!



After I saw Tom Stone do his Benson Burner routine, I’ve been fascinated with sponge balls. Although I’m nowhere near as good as he is, these balls compress so much that you can get hundreds in for a final load. They’re great.



When it comes to sponges, you can’t beat Goshman. After all, he started the whole thing off cutting up foam mattresses in his garage! Things (thankfully) have improved a LOT since then and these Ultra Softs are the last word in sponge balls. Very happy with my purchase.



I’ve. never been a fan of sponge bunnies and prefer to do a 2 in the hand 1 in the pocket routine (from Ganson). I end it with two in the spectator’s hand and these ultra soft sponges are idea; for that. The compress so much, the mark is never aware they have more than one in their hand. Great stuff.



If you’re used to the super soft Goshman balls, these redefine soft! They are so squishy and compact you can fit loads into your (or your spec’s) hand. And they way they spring out when the hand is opened is literally eye popping. Much better than the originals. Highly recommended.



Great balls, nice feel to them. The color is consistent which is good, I've bought sponge balls in the past and sometimes the colour can vary a bit between the different balls, but these ones are all the same shade of red which is perfect.



Perfect for my multiplying balls routine! If you have not performed this trick in a spectators hand then you should, I think it's something every magician should do even if you're not going to do any other tricks with sponge balls. I used to do just card tricks but this effect is so strong I had to put it straight into my walkaround set, I am even working on a way to steal watches while doing it! Super excited about that one.


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