Bicycle 50/50 Forcing Deck

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Bicycle 50/50 Forcing Deck

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A 50/50 deck is a forcing deck where twenty-six cards are all the same and the other twenty-six are random cards. This allows you to show half the deck to be different before turning the cards over and having someone select a face-down card (which is actually one of your twenty-six force cards). It's a versatile utility deck, suitable for when you want to force a card in an extremely fair way.

Available in either Red or Blue.

We aren't able to provide specific forcing values. If you want to use a specific force card, we recommend that you purchase a one-way forcing deck and a normal deck, allowing you to make two of your own 50/50 force decks!


Customer reviews for Bicycle 50/50 Forcing Deck



What a beautiful way to force a card. From the spectator's point of view it looks like a normal deck of Bicycle cards with, in my case, a blue back and in many ways it is. However half the deck is the force card. The pack can either be arranged into two halves or the cards can be alternated, depending on the desired effect. It is not possible to choose what the force card is but that didn't bother me. Other decks are available if that is a specific requirement. I would highly recommend the 50/50 Forcing Deck from Vanishing Inc.


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  • Jonas asks: Can you provide a two way forcing deck where both cards are from mid section - no royals or aces? Thanks Jonas

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sadly we're not able to provide that type of deck.
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