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Annihilator Deck - magic
Annihilator Deck Annihilator Deck Annihilator Deck Annihilator Deck Annihilator Deck Annihilator Deck

They won't know what hit them when you get done using the Annihilator Deck!

Tired of being limited to a deck of cards but still intrigued by the Svengali principle? Then check out this set of "regular" index cards! These high quality cards seem innocent, yet allow you to customize your effect however you want! They can even be mixed with poker-sized playing cards for even more astounding effects!

In addition, you get a 45-minute tutorial that includes bonus routines by Philip Ryan, who teaches his DRAWING FORCE and his AMAZING TOSSED OUT DESTINATION DECK ROUTINE, and Paul Romhany, who teaches his TIME routine and a routine he performed on THE SCRYER PROJECT.

Get those creative gears turning and get your Annihilator Deck today!


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  • Craig asks: There seems to be much confusion with this deck on every site; are these actually Playing Card size or Index Card size? (those are two very different sizes.)

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Disclaimer: I'm an anal retentive librarian who works with 3x5 index cards to this day.

The idea is pretty cool since you can basically create your own custom made Svengali type deck on this blank set. This is actually an excellent utility.

The printing on the packaging makes it look like these are "index cards" because, hey, it says "index cards" on the box. It also says "3x5" implying that these are standard 3x5 cards which they are NOT. Actual size is 2.25x3.5 inches (poker card size). Except for the printing on the box, it looks and opens exactly like the specially printed card box that it is. The cards have typical rounded corners, something I've never seen in standard index cars. And I have to admit the description should make it clear that these are, in fact, blank on both sides poker sized playing cards (albeit Svengali-ized).

Anybody who works or has worked with 3 x 5 cards, which is a huge number of (at least older) academics, librarians, office workers, etc. will probably immediately notice these are not what the label says.

I was originally going to give this a lower rating, but when I ran them past my wife asking her to examine them (still blank) and read the box. "Do you find anything amiss?" After about 3 minutes, she couldn't come up with anything. When I had her read the cover of the box out loud, after five times she never mentioned the "3x5" until I said, "Do you see the 3x5 on the box?" Her reply was, "Oh, yeah. I didn't notice."

So since she's a tough out and wasn't fazed by the non 3x5ishness of the Annihilator Deck, I've got to bump this one up.

Moral: I'll be making my own custom Svengali deck from real 3x5 cards.

Annihilator Deck by Vortex Magic