Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (Download)

Magic download (video) by Danny Orleans
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Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (Download)

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Magic download (video) by Danny Orleans (90.00)

Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (Download) - magic
Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (Download) Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (Download) Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (Download) Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (Download) Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (Download)
Teenagers! They are so obnoxious and skeptical! Right?
Not necessarily!
Danny Orleans is an expert in presenting magic to preteen and teenage audiences. In this download, he shares over 35 years of experience performing more than 2000 shows at junior highs, high schools and private parties nationwide. Over five hours of professionally edited shows, interviews, instructions and commentary teach you the details of every routine and performance technique. You will...
  • Watch his show for teenagers, "The Hand Is Quicker," including eight routines and two bonus tricks.
  • Hear the commentary discussing Danny's performance techniques that have made his shows so successful.
  • See Mac King interview Danny on his approach to performing magic to teenagers.
  • Learn to make and perform his entire repertoire of tricks.
  • Download Danny's essays, instructions and show script.
  • Enjoy vintage footage of Danny performing in schools.

Originally released as a 3 DVD set, it made the top ten list of products on Now you can get it as a download at a fraction of the original price. The content unveils many of the secrets to performing magic for audiences that are inherently skeptical. Here's what a couple of magic luminaries thought after watching it.

"I am an unabashed fan of Danny Orleans. To watch a show directed to teenages and see how he kept their attention is a wonderful and valuable lesson. He is truly a general practitioner of magic who knows his business. Keep it coming, Mr. Orleans." Doc Eason
"Danny Orleans goes behind enemy lines and comes back with the secret plans: namely, how to use magic to entertain (and even educate) teenagers. You wouldn't catch me in front of these audiences without a Kevlar tuxedo, but in Danny's expert hands, performing for adolescents looks like child's play. Want to learn how to make a living performing for middle-school and high school students? Buy these DVDs for priceless demonstrations, examples, and insightful instruction from a magical communicator, a truly experienced and expert professional. No hype, just the real thing from a real magician. Jamy Ian Swiss

You get:

  • Five hours of content
  • 8 routines straight from Danny's performance repertoire
  • 2 bonus tricks
  • 6 instruction files to make props
  • 8 essays about strategies for entertaining teens and pre-teens
  • Entire script as pdf

If you perform for adults, the content in this video download will teach you techniques to modify your work for teen markets. If you perform for young children, Danny's expertise will give you a comfort level to work with older children. Get The Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers and get a whole new approach to succeeding in this market.


Customer reviews for Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (Download)



Excellent routine. I'm motivated to purchase the Banachek book.



Danny Orleans has amazing depth as a performer and creator of experiences. I have seen him kill at trade shows, close-up at corporate events, on stage at events and the Chicago Magic Lounge, and now for High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers. His ability to relate to people in these vastly different situations is phenomenal and, now that I am performing more for young people, I am grateful for this insightful program. Thank you Danny, thank you Vanishing Inc.



Wow. This is my introduction to Danny Orleans. What a fabulous show and the explanations were great. I like to routine with the paper bags. My son does Wayne Dobson's Box Clever. This is a great variation of that with ordinary containers. You can also get a larger and therefore larger variety of objects. The PDF for making a magic table is super. I plan on using this while son is on Christmas break from school in a couple of weeks.





Thank you for this great show. Danny Orleans shows you a fantastic way and the Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers.

His approach is to get the teenagers involved and interessted - and they do, they realy do. You can see it in his show, which is fun, cool, magical and overall in their language. Danny does see the teenagers eye to eye. They dont have the feeling of getting fooled or being made fun of. They learn something during the show, they are part of the show and the secrets but still they get amazed.

I realy love the way Danny Orleans is handling this "interessting" and sceptical audience. He is gentle, well mannered but also witty, funny and sometimes a little disrespectufull & and the kids/teenagers love it.

In my opinion Danny shows you how to make teenagers to be the perfect audience.







This DVD or Download is good!


Einar Aron

Did not quite like the show as I thought I would. However, the audience seems to have liked it. Maybe it's a cultural thing though (I'm in Europe). I haven't watched the tutorial yet but hope I'll be able to catch some ideas to build on.


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