Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls (w/ Display Box)

Trick by TCC Presents
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Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls (w/ Display Box)

349.00 usd

Trick by TCC Presents (349.00)

In stock.
Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls (w/ Display Box) - magic
Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls (w/ Display Box) Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls (w/ Display Box) Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls (w/ Display Box) Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls (w/ Display Box) Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls (w/ Display Box) Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls (w/ Display Box)

"Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls" by TCC are the pinnacle of the talents of countless magicians. They are a truly gorgeous cups and balls set that any magician would be proud to own.

The base material of the "Artistan Craftsman Cup and Balls" is brass that has been placed through four different sculpting processes. Each cup is repolished and inspected after each process to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the carvings. Each cup is then electroplated and screened multiple times to ensure they are as close to identical size and weight as possible.

The red and gold-threaded, hand-hooked crochet balls were crafted using a complicated set of skills that only a few skilled masters possess. They are true elegant thing of beauty.

As the "Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls" are also designed to be a collectible magic prop, a gorgeous wooden display case was also crafted specifically for this set. It is hand dyed and polished to perfection with exquisite craftsmanship. The inside is lined with EVA flannel to support the cups and highlight its beauty.

The ergonomic curved window allows you to place this "Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls" on any shelf or desk. The uniqueness of the aesthetics will always be clearly on display.

You receive three gorgeous carved cups and four expertly-crafted crochet balls packed into the collector's box that is then sealed and protected with shockproof foam cotton in a white packing gift box.

"Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls" Measurements

  • Cups Height: 75mm
  • Cups Bottom Diameter: 45m
  • Cups Inner Diameter: 71mm
  • Cups Outer Diameter: 79mm
  • Cups Weight: 228g
  • Knitted Balls Diameter: 29mm
  • Knitted Balls Weight: 6g
  • Collector's Case Size: 310mm x 16mm x 17mm
  • Collector's Case Weight: 1129g
  • Total Weight of Set (w/ Case): 1890g

Customer reviews for Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls (w/ Display Box)



This is a most beautiful and functional set. The cups by themselves are a beauty to behold and hold given they are heavy brass. The sound they make is almost bell-metal and nice on the ears. Yet I am forced to give it a 3 on 5 for a couple of important reasons.

First the display case. As others have pointed out, if this was meant to be taking centre-stage in the living room or study, the four balls being pretty and in your face is definitely not helping. Otherwise, the display case is really nice and worthy of being at the centre of attention. But sadly, …

Next, the balls. They are beautifully crafted with a golden thread adding mystery and elegance to the red colour and are well weighted with some inner filling (plastic ball?). But the balls are just a tad too large for the cups at hand, and with three of them inside a cup they add an additional padding that pushes the cup sizeably over the rim it otherwise sits prettily on.

Third, also the balls. Unlike the beautiful promotional image showing three balls sitting pretty on the top of one cup, with the balls I got that is an impossibility. The balls are just that much too big to rest together on the back of the cup. Two, yes. But no way do three fit on that small rim.

Despite all that, I still love these cups — how beautiful they are and feel — but I am now forced to look for a set of balls that work well with this set, and also to look at customising the display case showing off the three cups and only three balls — and perhaps a magic wand to boot. The space is there, and I may just get it done.

Then again, given the money I paid for this, I really wish these finer details were taken care of and I could use this “out of the box”.


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  • David asks: Do the artisan engraved cups stack well? When stacked, are they tight or wobbly?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They stack very nicely. It's a fitted stack.
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