Cootie Catcher

Magic download (video) by Jason Michael
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Cootie Catcher

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Magic download (video) by Jason Michael ($25.00)

Jason Michaels Presents...

Cootie Catcher Magic

Known around the world as a fun item that little girls fold out of a piece of paper and play with as children, the" Cootie Catcher" or "Fortune Teller" is recognizable to kids six years old as well as elderly adults. This is what makes it such an effective prop- it's nostalgia!

The Fortune Teller (close-up and stage versions) - Both kids and adults love it!
Lie Detector - Tell two different people if they are lying or telling the truth as well as which card they selected!
Halloween Cootie Catcher - A themed version of the cootie catcher for different holidays.
The Pickup Artist - A great way to get a conversation started with a member of the opposite sex!
How Women Make Decisions #1 & #2 - They'll be laughing with this idea from Stephen Bargatze.
Little Victoria's Secret - Need we say more.
The Psychic's Tool Kit - Show how "psychics" learn their craft!
Bonus Trick - A gaffed and non-gaffed version of the cootie catcher for stage performances!

Additional Tricks in the E-book:
Your Favorite Magician - Your audience will tell you how much they love you!
Your Own Super Hero (script only) - something special for comic book fans
Happy Birthday Cootie (script only) - Great for birthday party magicians!
A Gospel Cootie (script only) - Share the Gospel with this version of the Cootie Catcher.

The trick that makes all the women go...Ahhh. The best part is the magic is great too.?Stephen Bargatze
If you're looking to catch cooties, you need to see Jason Michaels!?Steve Beam

100 minute video with performances and explanations for all of the above
E-book is included in this DOWNLOAD with additional routines and professionally-designed templates


Customer reviews for Cootie Catcher



Not too impressed with this, which is surprising, considering how VanishingInc is normally so reliable.

First, the descriptions of one of the "tricks" is misleading. It's not actually a LIE DETECTOR, which was what I was hoping it would be, since I have a routine already based on this for closeup and I would be able to SUPER-SIZE it and do on stage. But - no. Only detects if the final statement is a lie or not.

Secondly the download didn't have chapters or even a PDF explaining that at "such-and-such" a time, the FORTUNE TELLER information would be found. This meant a lot of searching.

Third, there's a really, really cute idea that is a BONUS routine. EXCEPT the explanation of how to build it is horrible. Mr. Michaels basically starts to explain it and then just wimps out by saying things like, "You'll figure it out", and "It's just some arts and crafts".

Perhaps if he hadn't wasted a LOT of time explaining (multiple times) how to f*rce a card, he would have had the time and energy to explain it.

And, quite frankly I could NOT find any magnets that would work, so knowing where he got his would have been really helpful.


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