Deceiver's Discourse

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Deceiver's Discourse - magic
Deceiver's Discourse Deceiver's Discourse Deceiver's Discourse Deceiver's Discourse

Ken de Courcy has written books on magic and mentalism with contributions from many others. Now you can read material from his personal repertoire in Deceiver's Discourse, his lecture notes from an American lecture tour. Don't hesitate on this bargain, get your copy today!

Effects include:

  • The Haired Card: a comedy surprise with four outsize cards from a pack.
  • Balloon Prediction: three balloons, the audience nominate the colors, these magically burst one at a time, and predicted
  • The Economy Card in Balloon: simplicity version
  • Explosive Rope Cut: cut and restore a rope with a bang
  • Seeing is Disbelieving: at the end the Joker's are on you
  • The Invisible Die: cards from a well-shuffled pack match the date on a borrowed coin
  • Wandering Wabbits: a white cut-out rabbit and a black cut-out rabbit change places, even although they are marked with ribbons, and more
  • Oh Mummy!: yards of bandages are pulled from the sarcophagus, leaving the Mummy nude and either cold or modest!
  • The Sky-Hooked Coin: one of Ken's favorite impromptu tricks
  • The Gordian Ring: a ring vanishes then visibly appears tied in a knot in the center of a rope.
  • A Trio of Neophytes: the magician divines three chosen cards.
  • Sexy Just Chance: something really different in 'Just Chance' routines and one which with an alteration is also great for kids' shows.
  • Thimbles to Pocket: another of Ken's favorite tricks.

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Deceiver's Discourse by Ken de Courcy