Dice Game

Trick by Tora Magic
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Dice Game

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Trick by Tora Magic ($59.95)

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Dice Game - magic
Dice Game Dice Game

"Dice Game" is a fun and powerful prediction produced by the Tora Magic Company that delights audiences of all ages.

The spectator is allowed to select one of six colorful dice. It's a very fair and free choice. Yet, when you remove your prediction from the drawer it matches perfectly.

They can truly choose any color. No forces required. Super easy and powerful. Adults and kids love it.

Premium quality props for professional magicians.


Customer reviews for Dice Game



I was struggling what to give this review, but I think 2 stars is fair. If I am giving/taking one star for each quality/price/accuracy to description/inspectability/effect, then I can only give a star for quality and effect.

1) Quality: YES - The items seem high quality, with nothing appearing to be overly fragile or easy to break.
2) Effect: YES - The effect itself is great and impressive.
3) Inspectability: NO - This is where the trick goes downhill. Nothing about this trick can be inspected. NOT EVEN THE DICE. My 8 year old picked up one of the dice and immediately noticed the gimmick on the outside of it. So if an 8 year old can spot it, any adult will. The fact you can't really let the spectator handle the dice is a big issue in my book if you plan to use this for a close up routine. Another issue is how you load the predictions, which makes the box itself completely unexaminable, and you also need to watch your angles (anyone sitting low will see the gimmick in the box).
4) Accuracy to Description: NO - The description and video make #3 seem like it's not an issue. But this trick should come with a huge "Buyer Beware." If you buy this trick based on what you see in the video, you will be disappointed.
5) Price: NO - Because #3 and #4 are big problems for me, I think the price is a bit much.

I mentioned earlier that the gimmick is noticeable on the outside of the dice. If the gimmick was embedded inside the dice, then I think I would have given this trick at least 4 stars.

While I am disappointed in the close up failure of this trick, I am able to repurpose it for my parlour routine which makes it more acceptable to not let the audience handle any of the elements. But I just can't get over the dice and how obvious the gimmick is on it. So unfortunately, 2 stars.


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  • Ged asks: This trick appears in another version in 13 Steps to Mentalism. Don't you think Tony Corinna should be credited?

    • 1. Claes answers: In the book Mind, Myth and Magicks by T.A. Waters is also this principle explained. Does he also get the creds for this ?
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  • Peter asks: Can the trick be repeated with a second color die?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The color can be different each time but can not be repeated without turning your back
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