Magic by Tora Magic

Magic Wine List Trick
Magic Wine List
Trick by Tora Magic - $350.00

The Magician shows a Wine List to the audience and then shows the pages of this wine list. There are different wine pictures on each page. Then he turns over the book and shows a wine picture to the audience.And then he appears the real wine bottle from the book. Then he shows another wine bottle...

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Everything to 4 Dove Cages Trick
Everything to 4 Dove Cages
Trick by Tora Magic - $780.00

A large cube (30 cm X 30 cm X 33 cm) is displayed and shown to be completely empty. You then place into the cube, silks/balls or even a small rabbit! Amazingly all these items transform into four large cages that hold artificial doves. This amazing prop is hand crafted and painted to the...

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Vanishing Dove Cage Trick
Vanishing Dove Cage
Trick by Tora Magic - $1300.00

Yet another world classic from the Tora Magic Company. On the stage is seen a beautiful table on wheels resting on top of the table a large Dove Cage. The magician enters on stage and begins his performance by placing four doves into the dove cage. The magician covers the dove cage...

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Appearing Billiard Stick Trick
Appearing Billiard Stick
Trick by Tora Magic - $59.95

This high quality production item from Tora Magic is ideal for either a themed act or simply as a shocking moment in your show. The telescoping prop begins a little larger than a foot in length, and telescopes to a huge, full-size pool cue. The ideal use for this prop would be as a final...

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Coin Bucket Trick
Coin Bucket
Trick by Tora Magic - $175.00

Starting with only an empty bucket and a magical wave, make a coin appear in the bucket. Another wave and even more coins appear. Placing a lid on the bucket doesn't help because a magical gesture later and the bucket is shown full of golden coins! Covered again and with another magical movement...

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Appearing Rubiks from Tora Magic Trick
Appearing Rubiks from Tora Magic
Trick by Tora Magic - $65.00

Need that perfect way to start a Rubik's Cube routine? Then you need Appearing Rubiks! Imagine showing an empty paper bag. Now imagine the looks of amazement as you pull out a Rubik's Cube. Now imagine the screams when you repeat this effect over and over to produce a total of SIX cubes! Even...

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Magic Table Accessory
Magic Table
Accessory by Tora Magic - $99.00

Are you frustrated when you need to perform at a friend's house or a paying gig, but they don't have the right table for your props? Are you the type of performer who wants a classy looking table that's not heavy and bulky? Check out this beautiful table by Tora Magic! This is a mobile...

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Wonderful Coin Bucket Trick
Wonderful Coin Bucket
Trick by Tora Magic - $150.00

Effect:  The magician shows both his hands to the audience quite empty, and then a Coin Bucket will be displayed to them empty as well. After that,he starts catching coins from the air,here,there,and everywhere. He is even able to make coins appear from the spectator's ears, head, pocket....

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Glassy Briefcase Trick
Glassy Briefcase
Trick by Tora Magic - $245.00

Few effects get spectator attention like money appearing from nowhere, and now you can do it four times in a row! With the Glassy Briefcase, you can give a spectator a choice of four types of bills, and the case will instantly fill with that type of bill! Not only that, but you can do it with the...

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Tora Dice Tower Trick
Tora Dice Tower
Trick by Tora Magic - $137.50

If you need a stage effect that transcends language barriers while becoming progressively more impossible, then take a look at Tora Dice Tower! Four stacked black dice get covered with and empty tube. However, when a colored cover is put on the front and the cover removed, the dice now match...

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Tora Wonderful Paper Bag Trick
Tora Wonderful Paper Bag
Trick by Tora Magic - $62.50

Looking for a fun production that's bound to baffle an audience? Then check out the Tora Wonderful Paper Bag! You show an empty paper bag, yet you can reach in and produce a bottle, and another and another...until twelve bottles are standing on your table! Treat your spectators to this mind-blowing...

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Tora Wooden Close Up Case Trick
Tora Wooden Close Up Case
Trick by Tora Magic - $72.50

Nobody wants to be that  magician that show up to job with a duffel bag, or worse yet, with pockets packed with props. Make a statement about your organization and professionalism with the Tora Wooden Close-Up Case! Made for the discerning magician, now all your props and effects will...

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Tora Production Box Trick
Tora Production Box
Trick by Tora Magic - $225.00

If you are looking for a classy but confounding way to produce objects for your routines, then look no further than the Tora Production Chest! With this elegant-looking and hand-crafted wooden chest, you can show it empty before pulling many items from it. A true wonder! Get yours today!

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Automatic Appearing Candle DVD
Automatic Appearing Candle
DVD by Tora Magic - $99.95

The magician shows a candlestick to the audience with a candle in it. He lights the candle and then he takes the candle from the candlestick and makes it disappear. Now he takes the empty candlestick and in a magic movement the candle appears again in the candlestick.  This trick is very...

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