Magic by Tora Magic

Dice Game Trick
Dice Game
Trick by Tora Magic - 59.95

"Dice Game" is a fun and powerful prediction produced by the Tora Magic Company that delights audiences of all ages. The spectator is...

Cash Rubik Trick
Cash Rubik
Trick by Tora Magic - 14.95

"Cash Rubik" is an intensely eye-catching and powerful visual effect produced and designed by Tora Magic Company. Money transforms into a...

Choco Choco Trick
Choco Choco
Trick by Tora Magic - 59.95

"Choco Choco" by Tora Magic Company is a delightfully sweet effect in which you make chocolates magically appear and vanish. If you have...

Crave List Trick
Crave List
Trick by Tora Magic - $29.95 $25.50 (SAVE $4.45)

"Crave List" is an amazing piece of mentalism from Tora Magic. The magician shows a menu of food completely and flips the pages. One part...

Production Box (Folding Version) Trick
Production Box (Folding Version)
Trick by Tora Magic - 59.95

A classic effect that never goes out of style. "The Production Box" is a beloved magic trick for good reason. It's visual, amazing and...

Smart Bill Trick
Smart Bill
Trick by Tora Magic - 55.00

A set of white cards are shown on both sides before the magician suddenly transforms them into banknotes. Every single card is shown to change. Then,...

The Necklace Trick
The Necklace
Trick by Tora Magic - 19.95

Display an ordinary necklace to an audience, the audience can cut the necklace from anywhere that they desire. It's then put in the put in the...

Suitcase Table Accessory
Suitcase Table
Accessory by Tora Magic - 170.00

A great looking set which you can use to transport your items AND to use during your act! The base packs inside the suitcase (when it is party or...

Giant Gold Cane Trick
Giant Gold Cane
Trick by Tora Magic - 39.95

An interesting classic trick you can start your show with. There are many ways to play with it, such as silk to cane; appearing cane in the middle of...

Chips Game Trick
Chips Game
Trick by Tora Magic - 60.00

Who knew chips could be this magical? Chips Game features two incredible color changes and a multiplying chip container finale that will delight all...

Chips & Sauce Trick
Chips & Sauce
Trick by Tora Magic - 125.00

Tora's Chips & Sauce is an endless 'sauce' of magic; multiple color changes, magical transpositions and a surprise ending, performed with two...

Juicy News Trick
Juicy News
Trick by Tora Magic - 39.95

An empty juice container instantly transforms into a newspaper. "Juicy News" by Tora Magic is a fruity and fun piece of magic you'll love...

Appearing Bird Cage (Tora Magic) Trick
Appearing Bird Cage (Tora Magic)
Trick by Tora Magic - 185.00

Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company Source of incredible mystery to magically light up the souls. A classic -yet; the best magic trick of all...

Trick by Tora Magic - 59.95

A soft drink and a box full of popcorn are covered by two identical cylinders. The magician switches the places of the soft drink and the popcorn box...

Wonderful Coin Bucket Trick
Wonderful Coin Bucket
Trick by Tora Magic - 150.00

Effect:  The magician shows both his hands to the audience quite empty, and then a Coin Bucket will be displayed to them empty as well. After...

Popmoney Trick
Trick by Tora Magic - 29.95

Multiply a fat stack of bills - magically. Show a stack of money in a bundle. In a split second it's multiplied from one stack, to five! Super easy...

Mega Dice Trick
Mega Dice
Trick by Tora Magic - 74.95

"Mega Dice" is a classic mystery item with a new method that has just been introduced, demonstrate the dice completely and put it in the...

Super Cube Trick
Super Cube
Trick by Tora Magic - 64.95

"Super Cube" is a new product from Tora Magic and a classic product that has been recently introduced. We show a red dice completely, and...

Dice Party Trick
Dice Party
Trick by Tora Magic - 49.95

"Dice Party" is a super fun effect made by Tora Magic. 10 colorful dice can be appeared one after the other from a tiny pocket. we designed...

Dream Pan Trick
Dream Pan
Trick by Tora Magic - 150.00

"Dream Pan" from Tora Magic Company It would take only a magic pan to turn a dream into reality. Cook anything you want magically with this...

Secret Chip Trick
Secret Chip
Trick by Tora Magic - 85.00

The empty Pringles tube instantly and visibly fills with chips. The large clear tube lets everyone see the magic as the chips pop into existence....

Trick by Tora Magic - 59.95

Oh My Gift is an astonishing and mysterious gift box. Everything is clearly in front of your eyes. Do not blink and see how anything you want...

Mind Game Pro Trick
Mind Game Pro
Trick by Tora Magic - 49.95

Show a pad, consisting of the cover and the image of a human mind. Ask a viewer to write a color, a name, a pin (or other) in the white space...

Sweet Mix Trick
Sweet Mix
Trick by Tora Magic - $29.95 $25.50 (SAVE $4.45)

Two different colored chocolates are mixed and then separated. A fun, visual and amazing bit of magic that's easy to do. Note: Chocolates are NOT...