Marc Spelmann Live Lecture DVD

DVD by Marc Spelmann
$9.95 In stock - very few available.

Marc Spelmann Live Lecture DVD

9.95 usd

DVD by Marc Spelmann ($9.95)

In stock - very few available.
Marc Spelmann Live Lecture DVD - magic

When Richard Osterlind, Banachek, Larry Becker, Kenton Knepper, Marc Salem, and Richard Webster all laud a mentalist's body of work, maybe you should check it out! Marc Spelmann is recognized in the mentalism community as an author, lecturer and creator for over two decades. And over those decades he has held spellbound audiences from corporate clients to celebrities to Royalty! Now he is At The Table to demonstrate material that will baffle and bemuse your audiences for years to come. Get ready to learn:

M&M: So easy it only takes minutes to learn, Marc demonstrates his amazing memory skills for finding a card in a deck shuffled by the spectator.

Blagging It Impression: A spectator writes any thought-of name or word on an index card, and the magician can divine it with 100% certainty. No fishing, no guessing.

One Question: The magician asks one question and is able to reveal the chosen card. Simple yet powerful.

Hidden Chapter: Impossible ACAAN in action. The magician never touches the cards and it feels incredibly fair. Fries magicians and laymen alike.

OCAAN (Only Card At Any Number): An ACAAN with a kicker ending.

Mirror Mirror: An ACAAN routine that involves two decks. The magician doesn't even touch the cards and this works 100% of the time.

PPLH (Past, Present, Love, Hate): A powerful emotional mentalism routine where the magician is able to divine a piece of the spectator's history just from a series of questions.


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Marc Spelmann Live Lecture DVD by Marc Spelmann