Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings

Trick by Michael Ammar and TCC Presents
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Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings

199.95 usd

Trick by Michael Ammar and TCC Presents (From $199.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings - magic
Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings

TCC Presents and Michael Ammar have partnered to create an incredible Deluxe Linking Rings Set that has been carefully crafted to maximize both the visual and audial experience for your audience.

A former student of Dai Vernon, Michael Ammar is one of the most influential magicians of all time and is considered by many to be one of the greatest magicians alive today. Michael has always been fascinated by the linking rings. They are a classic of magic that can be used to amaze any age group in any environment.

So, for more than a year, he worked with TCC to meticulously construct the linking rings set of his dreams. A gorgeous, professional-quality set of linking rings that maximizes the magic potential of this iconic effect.


The largest, most visible diameter (~11 inches) has been selected to allow for a proper display when the rings are linked. It allows for a display that is big enough for a parlor or stage without being so big that they look cumbersome or awkward.


It's important to note that the diameter is not as important for amplifying the impossibility of the links or unlinks as the circumference. This is why TCC and Michael Ammar decided to make the rings the "thickest" they possibly can be while still maintaining the illusion that they're linked while held together. If the rings are too "fat", then this illusion is lost. The "Michael Ammar Deluxe Ring Set" offers the perfect sweet spot of maximum visibility and optical discrepancies.

Weight and Sound

These linking rings are hollow. This not only gives them an incredibly practical weight but allows for an absolutely beautiful and loud "ringing" tone when they are linked or unlinked, or when you take advantage of the highly-polished finish to spin the rings freely inside of each other.

Deluxe Linking Rings Details

  • Material: Stainless steel (Hollow)
  • Diameter: 27.94cm (~11 inches)
  • Inside Diameter: 26.94cm (~10.6 inches)
  • Thickness: 1cm (~0.4 inches)
  • Weight: 0.2 kg (~7 ounces)
  • Durable and nearly invisible welds
  • Gorgeous highly-polished finish with a delightful shine that will last for countless performances

Multiple Versions Available.

To fit every budget and performing style, the "Michael Ammar Deluxe Linking Ring Set" is available in either a 5-ring or 8-ring configuration. Both come with an explanation of Michael Ammar's personal Linking Ring Routine.


Customer reviews for Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings



I have seen a few perhaps over-critical comments on forums about these rings, but I really like them. They are hollow but strong, shiny as they should be, and of a good visual thickness. They are ideal for Pop Haydn's four ring routine which I do. Mr Haydn recommends a largish gap in the key and these rings have that. The bag they come in is also rather smart. Yes, they don't chime perfectly, they are of an unorthodox ring size of 11", but I'll definitely be using this ring set.



I gave these a lot of thought and finally pulled the trigger. I have a set of 10" cheapo rings, too small, those will get donated to a young magician. I have a set of 12" Owen Rings, too big, those will get packed safely away for a rainy day. These 11" rings are just right. The quality is really good and I like the size and feel of them. The bag is a nice bonus. These were a fraction of the price of my Owen rings and look and feel very similar. Vanishing INC service and shipping is top notch.



A disappointment. My "worker" rings are a set of 11" beauties of unknown provenance I picked up at an estate sale. They supplanted a set of Owen 15" rings which themselves had supplanted a Rings 'n' Things set. The Ammar rings are thick and relatively heavy. Sonically, they neither "ping" nor "chime." They clang. The opening in the key ring is wider than I'm used to and efforts to narrow it have not borne fruit. if your act has an industrial theme and you prefer a two-finger wide gap in the key ring, these might be just the ticket.

The ad copy suggests that the rings include a link to Ammar's routine. Mine didn't come with that, but I asked for and got it. It's a doozy. A five-ring routine with a couple of moves that those of us brought up on Vernon's Symphony of the Rings will not have seen. I'm upgrading my rating to three stars on the strength of the video alone.



I’d been looking for a set of rings for a while. The description read well with all the things I’d been searching for. I was looking for a set of rings that had an invisible weld and that were light weight but made from stainless steel. I also wanted a set that sang when spun and dropped. This set was promising and there was an added bonus, they were a collaboration with non other than Michael Amman.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I must give credit to Vanishing Inc. when I complained about the quality and also the fact that the description also promised a leather carry bag they were super fast in getting back to me. They also offered some customer credit. I declined this. If the product matched the description I would be a very happy customer. I have a feeling that when the rings first went into production, Michael Amman would be happy to put his name to this product. I think as production has moved on, corners have been cut and cost savings made. What is left is a disappointing product that doesn’t sing when you spin them and unfortunately the hidden weld tends to bounce when the rings are spun.

I wait to hear back from Vanishing Inc as they promised me they would look into this quality issue.

A disappointed conjuror x


Community questions about Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings

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  • Gene asks: Is the “leather” bag included with the 5 ring set, as it is with the 8 ring set?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes.
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  • Ronnie asks: BONUS As a special bonus, you'll also receive access to an online tutorial where, for the first time ever, Michael Ammar shares the secrets behind his personal linking ring routine? Where is this at. I got my rings today but it had no paper work in it, nor is the bonus in my online instructions. These rings are really think and I feel like I've never used rings before.

    • 1. James answers: I believe that "special bonus" is referring to the main explanation video.
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  • Sidney asks: I am trying to find out if these rings are plated. One of the descriptions that I read on the TCC site states that the color and finish on the rings will not chip and will last a long time, suggesting that there may be plating. I am thinking that they are probably not plated, and they are similar to the construction of the Owens rings. Having owned a set of the Owens rings, I can confirm that it is possible for stainless steel to rust. The first set that I had did for rust spots. I acquired a set that had been produce much later, and so far, I think that they are less prone to rust - but I do now keep them oiled when in storage, and place moisture absorbing packets in the case I have them in. I did research stainless steel and did find that there are many different varieties.

    • 1. Jim answers: This is probably best answered by contact@tccpresents.com
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