Stand-up Card Magic

Book by Roberto Giobbi
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Stand-up Card Magic

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Book by Roberto Giobbi ($59.95)

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Stand-up Card Magic - magic
Stand-up Card Magic Stand-up Card Magic Stand-up Card Magic Stand-up Card Magic

Books devoted to card magic number in the thousands, and those books have offered hundreds of thousands of card tricks, most of them designed for the close-up magician. But what about the magician who wishes to perform for larger audiences and higher fees?

Card tricks suitable for parlor, platform and stage are far fewer, and finding them requires searching through the countless books in which they are scattered. Magicians wishing to perform with cards for more than a few people have never been given a compact and authoritative source of information and tricks—until now.

In Stand-up Card Magic, Roberto Giobbi has focused on the psychology, showmanship, spectator management, sleights, tricks and presentations designed for standup performance before larger audiences. He begins by exploring what stand-up card magic is and how it differs from close-up magic. From there he teaches how to interact with a larger group of spectators, how to choose the right people to assist you, how to get them onto the stage and how to manage their behavior there. He then provides a meaty discussion of the best sleights to use in stand-up and stage performances. Following this are detailed explanations of many of his best standup card routines.

All the material is taken from Giobbi’s professional repertoire, honed over many years of performances in front of international audiences. Card magicians who wish to perform powerful card magic for larger groups finally have a book that addresses their needs. Stand-up Card Magic not only provides the tools, magic and presentational guidelines, it also shows its readers how to develop further standup card magic, where to find it and how to bring card tricks from the close-up table onto the stage. Roberto Giobbi's Stand-up Card Magic is a comprehensive study of professional-­caliber, standup card conjuring, and is designed to show you how to take your card magic to new levels and larger audiences.

Standup Card Magic is the first book devoted to teaching the tools, tricks and routines necessary for entertaining and amazing banquet, corporate, trade-show and theater audiences. All this is taught through the eyes and experience of a world-class magician and teacher. Roberto Giobbi shows you how to perform standup—and outstanding—card magic!


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Official review from Genii Magazine

From the September 2016 Genii magazine. Reviewed by John Lovick

if Giobbi had done nothing but write the Card College series, he would have earned his place on the Mount Rushmore of card magic authors. The Card College books are the most widely translated magic books in history. But with this volume, he has not only written another good book; he has written an important book.

Copyright 2016 by The Genii Corporation.



Giobbi is a master, if you do card magic this book is well worth it. This is, as the title says, for stand up routines, but some things can be applicable to any preforming situation. This is a great addition to the Card College series.
Every time you read something from Giobbi, you will come away a better magician.

Stand-up Card Magic by Roberto Giobbi