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Spelling Sport - magic

A professional game-show style mentalism routine with tons of audience engagement and participation. Built by a worker for workers, this is the perfect corporate, parlor or close-up routine.

The performer brings eight people up on stage and divides them into two teams of four each. Picking captains who choose their teams (i.e. CEOs, principals, teachers, etc.) is also a ton of fun. Each person is given a large card displaying a single letter and they stand in a row with their team. It is explained that the performer will give out a word and the members of each team must rearrange themselves, physically moving to the proper location, to spell the word correctly. The team that spells the word first wins that round. A total of five rounds will be played.

This gets competitive quickly and leads to a ton of hysterical moments. The audience decides which team wins each round and another volunteer tracks the score on a dry erase board.

For the final round, there is a lovely kicker included that makes for a fine finish and requires a bit of creative thinking. Oftentimes, the audience will even need to get involved and help.

Once the calamity has died down it is announced what the final tally was. Let's say that Team 'A' won four times and Team 'B' won once. Both teams receive a huge round of applause. This entire time you have been standing there holding an envelope. It is opened and inside is a dry erase board with the exact tally of the wins and losses. You've cleanly predicted the outcome of total chaos! It's a killer!

  • No secret writing
  • No formulas
  • No forces
  • Genuinely random outcomes each time
  • A remarkably clean and innovative method

Two versions of "Spelling Sport" are available. Both come with eight letter cards, two dry erase boards and a heavy envelope. All you need to do is supply your own dry erase marker. Talk about packing small and playing big!

The cards and dry erase boards in the Stage Version are 6" x 9". While the Close-Up Version features 3" x 5" index card-sized letter cards and thin 4" by 6" thin dry erase boards.

"Spelling Sport" is a joy to perform. It's loaded with action, laughs, and, of course, amazing magic as the super clean prediction is a jaw-dropping moment of true mentalism. It's an audience-tested thing of beauty that you'll want to add to your act immediately!


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