The Magic Cube

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The Magic Cube

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Trick by Gustavo Raley ($49.95)

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The Magic Cube - magic
The Magic Cube The Magic Cube The Magic Cube The Magic Cube The Magic Cube The Magic Cube

"The Magic Cube" has been described as one of the most innovative and creative effects of this year. You can perform a variety of effects with "The Magic Cube".

Effect 1: You show the audience a DVD case with a Rubik's Cube on the cover. You mention that on the DVD there are instructions for how to solve a Rubik's cube in a only a few seconds. You open the DVD case and a Rubik's cube appears to jump up from inside the DVD case! The Rubik's Cube is mixed but in less than 3 seconds you solve it right in from of your audience.

Effect 2: You display a magazine that is completely flat. You open the magazine to show that one of the pages displays a Rubik's Cube. You close the magazine, and open it again and the Rubik's Cube jumps off the page and into your hands! You then proceed to solve the Rubik's Cube. A strong visual effect, ideal for stage, parlor magic or even social media.


Community questions about The Magic Cube

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  • Michael asks: The trailer shows the cube being left behind for the spectator to examine. I highly doubt the cube is examinable. So enlighten me. Is it examinable or another example of a deceptive “trailer”

    • 1. Tony answers: The gimmicked cube can't be examined by the spectator I'm afraid
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  • Rick asks: Is it made out of card stock or a durable plastic?

    • 1. Tony answers: Hi, It's card stock ;)
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  • conan asks: What’s the dimension of the cube? I want to see if it fits my current routine.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The same as a regular cube (2.25" cubed)
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great trick very innovative as stated only complaint is that its a little pricey for what it is and the stickers included were poor quality but id pay for it knowing what i know now just the same

The Magic Cube by Gustavo Raley