Punctured (Card on Ribbon)

Trick by Vortex Magic
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Punctured (Card on Ribbon)

29.95 usd

Trick by Vortex Magic ($29.95)

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Punctured (Card on Ribbon) - magic
Punctured (Card on Ribbon) Punctured (Card on Ribbon) Punctured (Card on Ribbon) Punctured (Card on Ribbon)

Erik Bedard breathes new life into a rarely seen classic of magic with Punctured, an insanely entertaining 8 to 10 minute routine with a powerful ending that your audiences are sure to never forget.

Erik has spent years carefully honing Punctured at A-list celebrity events and on luxury cruise ships. It packs small and plays HUGE with an unforgettable, highly-visual ending. It is the perfect addition to events of any size from an intimate dinner party to a large theater.

Every parlor or stage magician is going to want to add Punctured to their set.

"This routine is GOLD for ANY stand-up performer working today!" Paul Romhany

Here’s What Happens:

With two spectators on stage, a card is selected, signed and lost in a deck which is then secured in a brown paper bag. You then introduce a large needle and ribbon, and push it through the bag. With each spectator holding one end of the ribbon, the bag is ripped away, leaving behind one card with the ribbon threaded directly through the center. As if this wasn’t miraculous enough, that card is, of course, their signed card.

You’ll get everything you need to perform the routine, including ribbon and a specially-made needle. You’ll also gain access to a comprehensive tutorial that includes a full live performance from Eric that highlights all the intricacies that make this effect so impactful. While Punctured can be fully customized to fit any performing style, you also get full permission to perform Eric’s complete routine as constructed.

Here’s What Others Are Saying:

"I Love Eric's Magic- Incredible spirit, amazing magic and wonderful presentations - Eric Bedard continues to elevate and advance the Art of Magic!" Shawn Farquhar

"That is messed up - your magic makes me crazy - absolutely unbelievable!" Brian McKnight

Eric Bedard is the Master of all Magicians... he warped my mind, what fun!" Josh Groban

"What happened in my hands is not possible! I loved Eric's Magic." Pamela Anderson


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  • Matthew asks: Hi there, I've just purchased this (not form your site however) and am a little confused ...... The tutorial explains that the needle you receive is handmade for Punctured ...... it's just a normal needle? Also, the one I received is bent sort of like a half moon, is this normal? The needle in the tutorial video is straight? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please send our Support Wizards an email at wizards@vanishingincmagic.com and they'll help you out.
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Customer reviews for Punctured (Card on Ribbon)



Sadly, this trick has an highly misleading video with it. In the video, you see a very wide ribbon....maybe 3/4 or 1" wide.

The needle you will receive will ONLY hold a 1/4" wide ribbon. Not nearly the nice display shown on the video.

And, I don't think the needle is made the way it's explained on the video either.

The trick itself is fine, properly explained, etc...it's just that you won't get that lovely, DRAMATIC, display at the end.