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XIDD - magic

Discover how to cleanly and fairly duplicate an image, or reveal any thought-of name, destination or drawing, under test conditions with XIDD—an expansive exploration of the potential behind the I.D.D. concept that was first introduced by mentalist Christopher Rawlins in 2015.

Featuring a variety of never-before-seen routines, scripts and handlings, XIDD showcases how to engage audiences and potential clients with an exciting and interactive demonstration of mind reading. There are also a ton of new bonus tips to help ensure 100% accuracy every time.

Here's the best part though...

None of the ideas in this book require you to do any anagrams, pre-show or secret peeks. In fact, nothing even has to be drawn, written or selected from a list. You can truly divine an image that was merely thought of.

As a result, the powerful routines in XIDD can be adapted to ANY language and are an amazing addition to any virtual magic show.

"IDD is already a very clever concept in remote mind-reading, but Chris' new ideas and variations take it to the next level. This is a routine that you absolutely must include in your next Zoom magic show." Marc Paul

"The brilliant Chris Rawlins does it again. Expanding on his own ideas, he creates brand new mind boggling and unbelievable mind trips. If you own his previous work , this is a strong addition. If you don't drop everything and buy this now......not later, NOW." Marc Salem


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I recommend just getting IDD because it's cheaper, this book is just adds extra ideas you can use when doing IDD, just get creative when using IDD.


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  • Troy asks: I recently ordered IDDX and there is no explanation of the “Universal Image” that is mentioned. Where can I find information about that option?

    • 1. James answers: Where is Universal Image mentioned?
    • 2. Jorrit answers: You can find it in in Banacheck's Psychological Subtleties 1
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  • One asks: How many pages are there? And is it hardcover?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Soft cover, with around 40 pages. A5 size.
  • David asks: Do this book require me to have previous experience or knowledge of concepts explored or does it teach everything I need to know in order to perform these effects?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It teaches you everything you'll need.
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