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Strip DVD & props
DVD & props by Jose LaC'Quest - $39.95

This tiny pocket pack of NAME BRAND breath strips contains an invisible change device that AUTOMATICALLY transforms, vanishes or produces small flat objects. A few of the endless effects possible: produce a selected card, vanish a bill, visually restore a torn label. EVERYTHING can be...

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Perfect Triumph Trick
Perfect Triumph
Trick by Federico Poeymiro - $24.95

This is a triumph effect but done differently. The cards rearrange under more impossible conditions than usual. The magician shows an envelope that contains a prediction. A spectator takes a card from the deck and after he/she remembers it, the card is lost again in the deck. The magician takes a...

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Invisible Thread Not Stripped Accessory
Invisible Thread Not Stripped
Accessory - $3.95

Perfect for almost any routine with invisible thread, this package includes a 20-foot length of thread with 142 individual strands ready for separation.  Includes detailed instructions which contain a floating bill routine fully illustrated by Tony Dunn.

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