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The Bumblebees  DVD
The Bumblebees
DVD by Woody Aragon - $35.00

An Award Winning Routine! This is the comedy card routine that helped Woody Aragón win first prize at the International Day of Magic in London, 2011. The Bumblebees of the title are printed on the cards. Four bumblebees travel one at a time from one packet to another in the most mysterious fashion....

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Woody Aragon Live Lecture DVD DVD
Woody Aragon Live Lecture DVD
DVD by Woody Aragon - $9.95

He is quite possibly one of the best card magicians alive, but judging by his generosity and willingness to share his most precious secrets, you would never know. All the way from Spain, we welcome the one and only Woody Aragon to an At The Table Experience! Woody will delve in to his loveable...

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Numbers, Cards... and Time! Book or download
Numbers, Cards... and Time!
Book or download by Carlos Vinuesa - Book $35.00 or download for $24.99

Wow! This book is going to be a surprise hit. If you like the magic of Woody Aragon and Dani Daortiz, plus the style of Aronson, Solomon, and other card stars, you will find lots and lots to enjoy in this curious volume. It's probably a good idea to overlook the bizarre trailer included. This...

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