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Ultimate Card Sessions - Volume 1s DVD
Ultimate Card Sessions - Volume 1s
DVD by Various - $34.95

Ultimate Card Sessions - Volume 1 - Tricks, Tricks, And More Tricks #1The Greatest Collection Of Card Magic Ever Assembled!Image if you could be present for the most amazing super session of card magic ever held? Michael Maxwell and A-1 MagicalMedia are proud to present the greatest collection of...

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1 Deck 14 Tricks 24 Hours Volume 2 DVD
1 Deck 14 Tricks 24 Hours Volume 2
DVD by Matthew Dowden - $30.00

We set Matthew J. Dowden on a challenge... Learn 7 world class easy-to-do card tricks within 24 hours and then go out onto the streets of London and amaze your audiences! On these DVDs you'll see Matthew perform 7 of his 14 fantastic card tricks that require no skill and absolutely no sleight of...

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Sankey/Sanders Sessions DVD
Sankey/Sanders Sessions
DVD by Richard Sanders and Jay Sankey - $29.95

In September of 2002, Jay Sankey and Richard Sanders began video corresponding, sending rough magic ideas and handlings back and forth between Toronto and Montreal. During the next year and a half they included many of the routines in their professional performances while continuing to refine the...

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