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Bairn - The Brain Children of Ken Dyne  Book
Bairn - The Brain Children of Ken Dyne
Book by Ken Dyne - $110.00

Step inside the mind of one of the UK's working mentalists, and take a peek in his secret notebook. Bairn contains more than 40 practical mentalism routines for close up, parlour and stage. Inside of this 268 tomb you'll find mentalism that is surprising, shocking and above all -...

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Crosses Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Peter Pellikaan - $5.95

This strange packet effect from the unusual internet sensation Peter Pellikaan has a bit of a wild card feel, as well as a "Printing" phase. But there are no gaffs to speak of, and it's quite easy to accomplish. Where he HECK do all those X's come from? Consider us fooled! Important:...

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At The Table - July 2015 Live lecture
At The Table - July 2015
Live lecture by Eric Leclerc and Spidey Akkelian - $9.95

Two of Canada's busiest performers join us for an unforgettable and exclusive experience for the month of July!  First off we have the renowned mentalist/hypnotist Spidey sharing with us his very first live lecture! We'll be getting to see some exclusive, never-before seen effects.  To...

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