Alex Pandrea

AP Spread Control

A bold new approach to Marlo's Convincing Control, a classic sleight in card magic. Devised by Alex Pandrea, the AP Spread Control is a universal tool for controlling a card to the top or bottom of the deck while out-jogged from a spread.

Three techniques are explained, including a one-handed method that just might become your new favorite.

Running time: 17 minutes


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Customer reviews for AP Spread Control


A smart idea for a card control. It's visual and practical.



This is one of the best controls I've ever seen. It is one of my favorites and I use it every day. It is not very angle sensitive, and can be performed in front of a large group. Definitely fools Muggles.



Awesome move. It's quite knacky, but once you get it, it's a killer.



I really like the way Alex has constructed these controls. These can be burnt by a spectator and still look incredibly fair. The main downside in my opinion with the DMB spread control was that it could only go to the bottom. Then Tony Chang released his variation to second from top. Now Alex Pandrea has devised a way to get the card on TOP!. The top control is the most knacky, and the bottom control with both hands is like a convincer for the convincing control! My favourite has to be the one handed control! It caught me offguard, and as long as it is done casually it can be burnt.

This download is worth the price and contains the best one handed control ever in my opinion.



This is the best spread control out there. Alex Pandrea realy has got his show on the road.



Fantastic variation on the DMB Spread Control. The aforementioned version that Tony Chang has is great as well, but, it's awesome to know a few variations for different effects. The one-handed variation of the AP Spread Control is delicious. I've been using it a lot for sandwich effects and it kills. Plus, on this video you get three variations Alex has created. C'mon, do it.



Alex teaches these very well and walks you through every step. Like many illusions it helps to practice these in front of a mirror to make sure that you do everything at the perfect time but with a little practice these are fantastic.