1,000 Performances

By Andi Gladwin - Friday, August 30, 2019

We get pitched a lot of ideas for tricks and utilities at Vanishing Inc. In fact, on an average day, we'll receive five submissions. We spend time to watch, read, and review every single idea, and provide feedback to creators. Sadly we can't take every idea — in fact, out the approximately 2,000 ideas we receive a year (wow, that sounds crazy now I put it like that!), we'll normally just take on two or three effects to release to the market.

A big thing we look for is a clear idea that you have performed the effect at least 1,000 times. Surprisingly, most of the effects we get sent lack that; many clearly haven't even been performed once. The creator will often proudly tell us that they "just came up with this" or "here's something I have been working on."

So my biggest tip is that if you want to market an effect with us, go out there and perform it as many times as possible, over a couple of years. That's what separates tricks like Balance, Wordsmyth, Blank Night and so on from the many weaker effects on the market; they have been developed in performance, not in solitary. Only then can you iron out all of the kinks, understand what the audience likes, and understand exactly how to perform the effect. If you're missing those things out, you'll be doing your buyers a disservice.

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