12 Days of Masterclass - Day 9 (Shoot Ogawa - "One Coin Vanish")

By Vanishing Inc. - Wednesday, December 20, 2023

The 12 Days of Masterclass - Day 9


Then you need to make sure you're paying attention to the 12 Days of Masterclass. We're already on Day 9. There are just 3 days left! (Make sure to go back and check out the other days.)

Each day, we're posting one of our favorite performances from one of our top-selling Vanishing Inc. Masterclasses. If you enjoy what you see, drop some love below. Make sure you also let us know which part or element of the routine you enjoyed most.

Then, on Christmas Day, we'll be putting up a vote for the best overall performance. Just cast your vote then and you'll be entered to win a FREE YEAR OF MASTERCLASS!

Today, Shoot Ogawa proves why he is an absolute master with this quick and amazing "One Coin Vanish".

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Reader comments:


Wednesday, 20 December 2023 23:17 PM - Reply to this comment

Gosh, that's some beautiful sleight of hand. It's so amazing how smooth it is and I feel like talking while impressive magic is occurring (I feel like it was just as impressive for magicians as it was for anyone else) because then it looks like real magic. There is no fidgeting or needing to concentrate on an important move, it's just magic and presentation.


Thursday, 21 December 2023 10:09 AM - Reply to this comment

Completely floored… When you think the coin is in J.W but then it’s not there and both hands are shown empty you just watch and enjoy!


Thursday, 21 December 2023 10:50 AM - Reply to this comment

This is annoyingly good to watch and so satisfying.


Thursday, 21 December 2023 15:38 PM - Reply to this comment

The level of thought behind every movement is incredible! Every time I thought, "oh, I know that grip, the coin must be there," he immediately nonchalantly does something with his hands that eliminates that possibility in your mind.


Thursday, 21 December 2023 23:37 PM - Reply to this comment

Looks so clean. One of the best vanishes I have seen.


Friday, 22 December 2023 03:10 AM - Reply to this comment

He uses your knowledge of sleights against you and it’s beautiful!


Friday, 22 December 2023 09:50 AM - Reply to this comment

Masterful technique!


Sunday, 24 December 2023 07:18 AM - Reply to this comment

This is what real magic looks like! I could watch this again and again and never grow tired of it.


Sunday, 24 December 2023 22:14 PM - Reply to this comment

Shoot is flawless. Beautiful magic !

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