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Playing Shopping Centers Book
Playing Shopping Centers
Book by Jim Mahoney - $10.00

Playing Shopping Centers by Jim Mahoney (with Introduction by Billy McComb) was written for magicians looking to perform magic in shopping malls, though the tips and advice will apply to other venues as well. It includes everything detail you need, including topics like microphone management,...

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So You Want To Do A Magic Lecture Tour Magic download (video)
So You Want To Do A Magic Lecture Tour
Magic download (video) by Illusion Concepts - Devin Knight - $20.00

If you've been thinking of doing a magic lecture tour, stop and get this ebook!  Devin Knight has done multiple tours and given hundreds of lectures, and is ready to give you the low-down on the entire process: How do you book a magic club shop or convention?What should you get paid?How long...

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Misdirection - Real Magic DVD
Misdirection - Real Magic
DVD by Virgil Films And Entertainment LLC - $19.95

A documentary film that follows two young men on a 3-year odyssey, through small triumphs and big set-backs, as they train to become professional magicians - the unconventional career they hope will lift them past poverty and old mistakes - and make them rich and famous!  Our main...

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