ChatGPT: Magician Poems

By Andi Gladwin - Friday, December 9, 2022

Last time I shared my experiments with ChatGPT, I had it tell us how we can become a great magician. Now I'm having the AI write us magic poems. This was a test to understand just how deeply it understood magic, and whether it had enough context to put that understanding into poems. It certainly did:

Dai Vernon

In a world of magicians, one stood out
A master of deception, without a doubt
His name was Dai Vernon, a legend in his time
A wizard of prestidigitation, his skill sublime

With sleight of hand and clever misdirection
He fooled the eyes and minds of all with his perfection
His tricks were legendary, his style was unique
He was the Professor, the man all others seek

To learn from him was a privilege and an honor
For he was the master of the craft, a true innovator
His legacy lives on, in the hearts of all who knew
The great Dai Vernon, a magician through and through.

Obviously there's a lot about Dai Vernon on the internet. So I wanted to push harder. How about a magic plot?

The Ambitious Card

A card is chosen, and placed back in the deck
With a flick of the wrist, the magician makes it appear
A magic trick so simple, yet so full of cheer

The Ambitious Card, a classic in the art
A staple of magicians, from the very start
With each step, the card rises to the top
The audience is captivated, never wanting it to stop

But alas, the trick must end
The card is returned, to its rightful place
But the memory lingers, of the magician's grace
The Ambitious Card, a thing of wonder and delight
A true testament to the art of magic, and its timeless might.

Finally, I asked the AI to write me a poem about stage illusionists but "to make it funny." Here goes:


Illusionists, oh how they try
To fool us with their sleight of eye
But we see through their tricks, oh yes
Their magic is just a big mess

They pull rabbits from hats, or so they say
But we all know it's just a bunch of hay
They saw ladies in half, with saws so dull
It's no wonder they're not very popular

But still they try, with all their might
To convince us of their magical sight
But alas, their efforts are in vain
For their illusions are just insane

So let us laugh and have some fun
At the expense of these silly ones
For in the end, their magic is just a joke
And we'll be the ones who are in on the poke.

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Wednesday, 01 February 2023 17:09 PM - Reply to this comment

Now, just HOW did it know about my hay rabbit?!?

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