Hidden Agenda | False Deal Practise

By Roberto Giobbi - Friday, July 12, 2019

From Hidden Agenda, February 7th

This is a great way of practicing one’s false deals; it comes courtesy of Gordon Bruce, the Scottish scholar and sleight-of-hand artist extraordinaire.

Take a newspaper, or any other printed product, set it on the table before you and look at a headline or any sentence that you can read easily.

Read out loud, or just to yourself, every letter in the sentence in order, and deal a card for each letter. For each consonant deal a card normally from the top, but for each vowel do the false deal you want to practice, such as a Second Deal, a Double Deal, a Center Deal, a Bottom Deal or a mix of all.

This is a great exercise to practice uniformity of handling.

All entries from this series come from Roberto Giobbi's Hidden Agenda book.

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