50 Social Media Post Ideas You Can Steal!

By Ben Young - Monday, February 10, 2020

Last week, our favorite kids entertainment business marketing guru Mitch Zeltzer did something awesome. You probably know Mitch from our #1 best selling ebook last year, Marketing On-A-Budget for Kids Entertainers.

We all know how hard it can be to "come up" with interesting (or, dare I say, GOOD), content for our social media accounts. But social media is a critical component to kids entertainment/party businesses in 2020. So, as a leading authority on the matter, Mitch stepped in to help by giving us 50 (yes, FIFTY) social media post ideas that we can all STEAL!

These were originally posted in our Kids Show Central Facebook group, but we've compiled all 50 ideas here for your convenience.

These post ideas will make it easier to post, will help you post more frequently, and get tons of engagement from your followers, fans, and prospective clients!

IDEA #1. Fun around town Share info on a family-friendly event happening in your area.

IDEA #2. Review a kids book Give a quick video review of a children’s book you really liked and recommend to your audience.

IDEA #3. Share a charity or community group you've partnered with

IDEA #4. Follower-only flash sale Offer up a very special deal, for your followers ONLY!

IDEA #5. Tell a kid-friendly joke (here's one my son made up when he was 3 years old to get you started) Q: What did the frog say when it swallowed a bunny? A: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrabit!

IDEA #6. Give a shoutout to someone who inspires you

IDEA #7. Ask for recommendations (kids books, movies, tv shows)

IDEA #8. Tell your story about how/why you started your business

IDEA #9. Answer a question about your services that you are frequently asked

IDEA #10. Celebrate a milestone that you/your business have reached (For example, 1000 events/shows!)

IDEA #11: Before & After Pictures and Videos Pictures before and after you set up the room. Videos before and after you assemble a really cool new piece of equipment. Before and after you get into costume, etc. etc.

IDEA #12: Screenshots of something exciting you’re working on

IDEA #13: Selfies that show the real YOU!

IDEA #14: ‘Caption This’ pictures

IDEA #15: Behind the scenes posts Give your followers a glimpse into all the amazing things that happen behind the scenes.

IDEA #16: Share an article Share an article that would be of particular interest to your ideal audience and followers.

IDEA #17: Hot party tips and trends Show off your expertise, experience and know-how by sharing a hot list of tips.

IDEA #18: How-to videos

IDEA #19: Common party mistakes to avoid Share a list of common mistakes you see parents making when planning their parties and help your followers avoid them!

IDEA #20: Ask an engaging question Hint: People love talking about their kids (and pets!), themselves and sharing their opinions. Give them the opportunity to do this :)

IDEA #21: Time Saving Tips! Give your followers tips on how to make their event planning more efficient

IDEA #22: Money Saving Tips! Give your followers tips on how to make their event planning more cost-effective

IDEA #23: Take a poll

IDEA #24: Ask for feedback on something specific

IDEA #25: Share a fun fact

IDEA #26: Review a kids movie

IDEA #27: Celebrate a fun holiday or “International day of " Examples: National Fig Newton Day, National Weatherperson's Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, etc.

IDEA #28: Inspirational Quotes, Pictures, Videos

IDEA #29: Post happy pics of your events (with permission)

IDEA #30: Interview a happy customer

IDEA #31: Share a review / testimonial

IDEA #32: Sneak Peak Tease a new service/product you’ll be offering

IDEA #33: Promote the benefits of your email list to get more people to sign up

IDEA #34: Promote your other social media profiles

IDEA #35: Run a contest

IDEA #36: Team Spotlight Feature a member of your team and all the amazing things they contribute to your company!

IDEA #37: Share a personal story Personal stories help your audience connect with you and build trust and loyalty. Maybe something like what you did for your own child’s birthday party!

IDEA #38: Give your audience a gift or a coupon

IDEA #39: Host a live stream video

IDEA #40: Share a blog post you wrote

IDEA #41: Share any press or PR features you have

IDEA #42: Thank your followers!!!

IDEA #43: Post a fill in the blank question For example: “If my kids could meet anyone in the world, they’d most want to meet ________”

IDEA #44: Ask your followers how they found you

You can also create a daily routine for yourself, for example...

IDEA 45: #MotivationalMonday

IDEA 46: #TuesdayTip

IDEA 47: #WackyWednesday

IDEA 48: #ThrowbackThursday

IDEA 49: #FriYAY

IDEA 50: #SaturdayCelebrations

IDEA 51: #SundayFunday

Wow, so many great ideas! If you loved these, buckle up for more greatness. Mitch assembled a 2020 Social Media Content Planner! What's that mean? It means he provides a social media post idea for EVERY DAY OF 2020! That means you can EASILY look at his calendar for whatever day of the year, and BOOM! There's your social media idea for the day, waiting patiently for you to post on your own page. This makes it crazy easy to post often, staying top of mind with your network.

Check out Mitch's Social Media Content Planner here.

Mitch Zeltzer is a Sales, Marketing and Business Consultant for Party Businesses and Kids Entertainers. Be sure to LIKE his Facebook page, Mitch Zeltzer Official, for more social media and marketing tips! MitchZeltzer.com

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