How Magicians Think Book Tour

By Joshua Jay - Friday, September 24, 2021

I am about to embark on a 35-city book tour in support of How Magicians Think ... and you're invited! Odds are I'm coming to somewhere drivable to you. In each city I'll be performing my full parlor show and signing books. And in many cases I'm also doing a lecture just for magicians.

I would be honored if you would join me for those lectures and events. For the public events you can secure tickets through the specific event (not through me or VI—you can reach out directly to each venue in the city nearest to you). For the magic lectures, you can email the contacts below to secure your place.

October 2021

October 1:
New York, SAM Parent Assembly, Magic Lecture, contact

October 11:
Sarasota, FL Magic Club Lecture, contact

October 12:
Sarasota Book Event

October 15:
Minneapolis, Twin Cities Magic Shop Magician's Lecture, contact

October 16:
Minneapolis, Twin Cities Book Festival

October 17:
Portland Magic Lecture, contact

October 18:
Powell's Virtual Book Event

October 19:
Seattle Magician's Lecture, contact

October 20:
Meet and Greet and Signing at Universite of Washington's Official Bookstore. 5-6pm signing. 4326 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105

October 21:
San Francisco Magician's Lecture at Misdirections Magic Shop, contact

October 23:
San Francisco Book Passage Public Event Joshua Jay, In-Person Hosted by Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA To attend visit

October 25:
New York, Tannen's Magic Shop Book Event, contact To attend visit

October 27:
Columbus Gramercy Books Public Event In Conversation with Michelle Herman Hosted by Gramercy Books in Columbus, OH To attend visit

October 28:
Tenafly, New Jersey Book Event

November 2021

November 2: 
Chicago, Lecture for Magicians,

November 3: 
Chicago Public Virtual Event

November 8:
Las Vegas, The Writer's Block in Las Vegas In-Person performance and book signing Hosted by The Writer's Block in Las Vegas, NV To Attend Visit

November 10:  Las Vegas Magician's Lecture, 7pm, contact

November 14:
Milwaukee, Public Event In-Conversation with Congressman Mark Pocan and book signing Hosted by Boswell Books in Milwaukee, WI To Attend Visit

November 15: Milwaukee Magician's Lecture, 7pm, contact

November 17:  Indianapolis, Magician's Lecture, contact

November 18:
Indianapolis Virtual Book Event

November 19:  Miami, Magician's Lecture, contact

November 20:  Miami Book Festival

November 21:  In-person ticketed event with performance and book signing Hosted by Charleston Library Society in partnership with Buxton Books in Charleston, SC

November 22:  Myrtle Beach Magicians Lecture, contact

November 29:
El Paso, Public Book Event

November 30:
Philadelphia, Magician's Lecture, contact

December 2021

December 1:  Reading, PA, Public Book Event

December 3:
Los Angeles, Hollywood Forever Public Book Event

December 5:  Magic Castle Book Event, Members Only

December 11:
Dayton, Public Book Event

December 12:
Cincinnati Magicians Lecture, contact

December 13:
Cleveland, Public Book Event

December 15:  Tucson, AZ Magicians Lecture, contact

January 2022

January 6:
Naples, Public Book Event

January 8:
Cleveland, Public Book Event

January 9. Canton, Ohio Private Book Event

January 10. Private Virtual Event, San Franciso

January 11. Toledo Magic Lecture , contact

January 25:
Miami Beach Public Book Event

January 26:
Boca Raton, Public Book Event

January 27:
Miami Public Book Event

February 2022

February 10:
Scotch Plans, NJ, Public Book Event

February 13:
Washington DC, Public Book Event

February 23:
Detroit, Virtual Book Event

March 2022

March 3:  Virginia Beach Public Book Event

March 6:  Hoboken, Public Book Event

March 15:
West Orange Public Book Event

March 21:
Bridgewater Public Book Event

March 24:
Jacksonville Public Book Event

March 25: Jacksonville Magician's Lecture contact

March 27:
Tampa Public Book Event

March 29:
East Hills Public Book Event

March 31:  Memphis Public Book Event

Reader comments:


Friday, 24 September 2021 12:43 PM - Reply to this comment

The Chicago Pubic Virtual Event sounds unpleasant. The rest sounds interesting. Good luck with the tour.


Friday, 24 September 2021 14:49 PM - Reply to this comment

I don't see anything near Denver. Any plans for our area?


Sunday, 10 October 2021 19:05 PM - Reply to this comment

What about Atlanta Joshua?


Sunday, 10 October 2021 20:08 PM - Reply to this comment

How about Dallas for a visit?
By the way, I am more than half way through reading your new book, and it's outstanding. A book about what goes on in the mind of a magician, written as though Josh was having tea with you in your living room. A worthwhile read for anyone interested in magic!


Sunday, 10 October 2021 22:50 PM - Reply to this comment

I see Nothing around Baton Rouge,New Orleans area. Matter of fact nothing for Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi,Alabama Georgia. But you do go to Florida to California and back to Florida again.


Sunday, 31 October 2021 01:25 AM - Reply to this comment

It would be nice if could stop here at Tulsa Oklahoma There’s a magic shop here call Brian Bailey’s TOPHAT magic I bet you they would love to have you there

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