Piff the Magic Book Livestream Recap (Full Video and Photos)

By Vanishing Inc. - Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Watch the Full Piff the Magic Book Livestream

When we made the decision to host a livestream event for the launch of Piff the Magic Book, we knew it wouldn't be easy. It turned out to be one of the most ambitious and, at times, challenging projects we've ever embarked on.

Countless hours of planning went into creating what ultimately ended up being one of the most incredible experiences in the history of Vanishing Inc. We are so grateful to the 1,000s of you that watched live, as well as the amazing cast of magicians and talented production staff that made it possible. It was truly the most fun we've ever had as a company.

Piff the Magic Book is available now in both a standard version and the single most incredible deluxe version of a book the magic community has ever seen.

You can relive some of our favorite memories from the launch or watch the stream in it's entirety below.

Photos from the Piff the Magic Book Livestream

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