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By Vanishing Inc. - Thursday, August 17, 2023

Our 2023 Summer Sale is underway and it’s epic! Some might argue it’s too epic (aka overwhelming). So, we’re here to help. Here’s our team’s picks for the top card magic downloads you can get right now for 50% off!

Act quick, this sale ends August 23, 2023!

Fuzion by Blake Vogt Fuzion

Two cards are torn and then fused together to create an impossible half-and-half card. Oh, and did we mention they cards were signed? The genius of Blake Vogt is on full display in “Fuzion”, which is easier to perform than you might think. At this price, it is impossible to pass up.

Download “Fuzion”

Jon Armstrong bundle Jon Armstrong Card Magic Download Bundle

Three commercial routines from a true worker that evolves his material through real-world performances. The “Jon Armstrong Card Magic Bundle” includes some of Jon's best bona fide crowd-pleasers. There's a nearly self-working take on the Follow The Leader Plot and a multi-phase Monte routine with blank cards that has a stunning ending. The standout though is definitely “Out of This Blah Blah Blah”, one of the most original, unique and deceptive versions of Out of This World you’ll ever see.

All three practical effects are primed and ready to go in your working set. Save 50% by downloading them right now!

Download “Jon Armstrong Card Magic Bundle”

Momentum by Eric Richardson Momentum

An impromptu Haunted Deck style effect that DOESN'T USE threads or gimmicks. You spread the cards and watch their jaws drop as a thought-of card slowly spins out of the deck. "Momentum" by Eric Richardson is a revolutionary and powerful piece of card magic you'll always be ready to fry brains with.

Download “Momentum”

The Devil's Picturebook The Devil's Picturebook by Derren Brown

Prior to becoming one of the most famous mentalists in the world, Derren Brown actually made a living performing card tricks. His one-of-a-kind approach to card magic resulted in some of the most incredible and unique effects we’ve ever seen.

In the first part of “The Devil’s Picturebook”, you’ll see his unique and elegant approach to traditional card plots like Card Under Box and Oil and Water. The second half then dives into his groundbreaking psychological card magic effects that showcase a powerful different perspective on our beloved art. If you have any interest in card magic, “The Devil’s Picturebook” is a download you must own.

Download “The Devil's Picturebook"

Four Foolers Four Foolers by Paul Wilson
39.95 - normally $59.95

Looking for the most bang for your buck? Look no further than “Four Foolers” by R. Paul Wilson. As the name implies, you’re getting four real-world workers that can fit right into your working set. All of the unnecessary bits have been stripped away, leaving you with practical, workable material that doesn’t require any difficult sleight of hand. Instead, Paul uses clever nuances and subtleties to create some fooling miracles. “A Beautiful Mind” left our own Andi Gladwin speechless and is worth the price of the collection on its own.

Download “Four Foolers”

Summer Sale 2023

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