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By Vanishing Inc. - Friday, August 18, 2023

Looking for the best of the best in our incredible 2023 Summer Sale? Our team has put their heads together to find the must-have downloads available for 50% off right now. Here are the best 5-star rated close-up magic downloads on sale right now!

Don’t wait to grab them though. Our Summer Sale ends August 23, 2023!

Thompson Change by Steve Thompson Thompson Change
11.96 - normally $14.95

Magically transform a bill at your fingertips with essentially no sleight of hand. “Thompson Change” by Steve Thompson looks like real magic and works with bills of any value or size. It is a true visual masterpiece made possible by a simple gimmick that’s super easy to make and use.

Get “The Thompson Change”

David Williamson Mega Bundle David Williamson Mega Bundle
39.95 - normally $85.00

The name of this bundle alone should be enough reason to get it. Over four hours of incredible magic from one of the greatest creators and performers to ever live. You get three full-length videos and a bunch of bonus content. The best part is that you don’t just learn the tricks, but also get to see David in action. That alone is guaranteed to make you a better performer. This bundle gets our highest recommendation.

Oh, and as a little secret only being announced to readers of this article, it's one of the only downloads discounted MORE than 50%!

Get “The David Williamson Mega Bundle”

Jacob’s Ladder by Daniel Garcia Jacob’s Ladder

“Jacob’s Ladder” by Daniel Garcia is an iconic piece of close-up magic that you simply must have in your repertoire. A borrowed bill melts through a rubber band right in front of their eyes, creating one of the most powerful visuals we've ever seen. You can’t afford to pass up the chance to learn this beloved effect for half the price.

Get “Jacob’s Ladder”

Uncapped by Michael Brewer Uncapped

What if that Sharpie you always carried could be used for more than just signing playing cards? “Uncapped” by Michael Brewer features a ton of amazing magic tricks you can do with an ordinary marker pen. You’ll learn a variety of different visual and amazing effects from stretching or shrinking the marker to even a light and heavy chest variation using a Sharpie pen. It’s all impromptu sleight of hand that is a ton of fun to perform.

Get “Uncapped”

Summer Sale 2023

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