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By Vanishing Inc. - Saturday, August 19, 2023

You don’t need to flip a coin to decide which downloads to get during our massive 2023 Summer Sale. Our team has handpicked the best coin magic downloads you can get for 50% off right now!

Act fast, this sale ends on August 23, 2023!

Basic Coin Magic 2.0 by Ian Kendall Basic Coin Magic 2.0

New to coin magic? This amazing download from Ian Kendall helps you develop the solid foundation needed to enjoy the world of coin magic. The detailed 80-minute video starts with simple coin palms and vanishes before progressing toward secret switches, loads and other advanced moves. Unlock a lifetime of coin magic secrets for less than the cost of lunch.

Get “Basic Coin Magic 2.0”

Yu Huihang Download Bundle Yu Huihang Download Bundle
49.95 - normally $85.00

Yu Huihang is an underground coin magic sensation from Singapore that will make you believe in real magic. He’s best known for his creative and deeply-fooling twists on classics. This special collection contains seven of his best coin magic routines. You’ll get to see a variety of amazing matrix routines, as well as some new ways to amplify the “Charming Chinese Challenge”. Undoubtedly though, his “Backview 3 Fly”—a 3 fly routine in which the audience can see everything from behind (the magician’s POV)—is the standout effect.

This is a must-have download for anyone who is a fan of novel coin magic. As a special bonus to reward you for reading this far, you also get the special insider knowledge that it’s one of just a handful of downloads discounted MORE than 50% during the sale.

Get “The Yu Huihang Download Bundle”

CoinRUNEque by Rune Klan CoinRUNEque

While you may know Rune Klan as one of the most creative, talented and hilarious stage magicians in the world, did you also know he has some serious sleight-of-hand chops? He is a virtuoso with coins, and that is on full display with “CoinRUNEque”. This amazing multi-phase routine has a stunning ending and still, even years after it was released, is one of the best coin magic tricks we offer.

Get “CoinRUNEque”

Pearl’s Coin by Mr. Pearl Pearl's Coin

Mr. Pearl, a Grand Prix Close-Up Magic Champion in both Korea and Japan, shares eight of his best coin magic routines. Honed and refined across 1000s of performances during his decade spent as a bar magician, these are true workhorses. Any serious coin magician would be doing themselves a disservice by not having this download in their collection.

Get “Pearl’s Coin”

Timing is Everything by Tony Clark Timing is Everything

In this live-formatted lecture, Tony Clark shares the invaluable knowledge he gained as a student of Slydini while demonstrating and explaining his beautiful renditions of effects plucked directly from Slydini’s professional repertoire. Beyond teaching a variety of amazing coin magic tricks and other pieces of close-up magic, the real value comes from Tony’s discussions of timing, misdirection, and off-beat principles taught to him by Slydini. This is a real hidden gem that even includes rare footage of Slydini.

Get “Timing is Everything”

Summer Sale 2023

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