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By Damian Jennings - Monday, January 27, 2020

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It was a real honour to interview Danny Buckler. Aside from Rune Klan, Danny is one of the few magicians that have made me cry laughing. Buckles began his career in the mid-nineties demming magic in Harrods. This led to rather lovely private gigs for people like the bloke out of oasis, Bruce Willis and the Sultan of Brunei. He appeared on the BBC1 prime time show Secrets of Magic and then went on to do stand up comedy. He now does proper big things like Disney, Regent and Silversea cruises. In 2002, Magic Week described him as “one of Great Britain’s fastest rising stars of comedy and magic.” In 2018 a blogger called *Disney Cruise Mom Carol *reviewed his act saying he is “very entertaining”. It’s Danny Buckler.

Danny Buckler. making me laugh

Danny Buckler. live at The Session 2020

Danny Buckler. in an emotional moment

Danny Buckler laughing

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