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By Damian Jennings - Monday, June 3, 2019

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It's Monday. It's The Insider.

Well. What can I say. It's Williamson.

I broke my 30 minute rule for this one, as I couldn't find 9 minutes to cut out of this. I didn't think you'd all mind, well, because, Williamson.

David was up at 8.30am to share some stories, offer advice and we get insight into how he Williamson-ises a trick. I know you're going to enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed recording it.

In the show we break some important news about The Session and Magifest. To book your tickets (and it WILL sell out), get in now:

Reader comments:


Tuesday, 23 July 2019 18:27 PM - Reply to this comment

Hey, Jesse James here.
I stumbled on to this because I'm one of Williamson's biggest fans. I was listening and I believe the interviewer was the cool ass British dude I split the uber with on the way to Magifest from the airport last year. If it is.. WHATS UP!


Tuesday, 07 January 2020 08:45 AM

Hey Jesse! Yes, it was me that you shared the uber with doing the interview! Nice to hear from you man!


Thursday, 26 September 2019 20:57 PM - Reply to this comment

Always great to hear Mr W's take on the world.

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