Magic download (video) by Anthony Chanut
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Magic download (video) by Anthony Chanut ($5.00)

A whirlwind of a flourish from Anthony Chanut. Three packets spin haphazardly, as if struck by a Tornado, with an aerial finale.

One of 13 original card flourishes featured on Vortex, an original collection of cardistry from Anthony Chanut.


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Customer reviews for Digitals


This is a cool and flashy spin on the tornado cut which looks very cool and eye catching!



Very eye-catching flourish, looking forward to his upcoming project.



Very cool flourish, the aerial finish is amazing and super impressive! Sure to catch the eye of anyone on the street!



When I first saw Digitals, I was blown away. Just seeing the aerial ''dance'' of the packets amazed me. This flourish is just amazing, and I'd suggest to not only purchase this, but also Anthony Chanut's full collection, Vortex, as well.

Digitals by Anthony Chanut