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Magic download (video) by Anthony Chanut
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20.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Anthony Chanut ($20.00)

It is our pleasure to introduce Anthony Chanut, a distinct and exceptional flourisher hailing from the south of France.

Shot on location in Chicago, the fast and unyielding speed of Anthony Chanut echoes nothing short of the tempo of one of America's finest cities.

Edited by the artist, Vortex harkens back to the days of The Trilogy, boasting on screen text and highlighted maneuvers for expedited learning.


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Customer reviews for Vortex


I would only recommend this Collection for experts at cardistry, and even as an expert you would have to be willing to work very hard to learn any of these flourishes. That being said, this is an excellent purchase, and will take your cardistry to new heights. Both the speed and the fluidity of Chanut's flourishes are incredible. If you are ready to take the next step in cardistry, this is it.



This is probably the best Cardistry download on the site. The flourishes are amazing for such a good price. I was amazed for the amount of difficulty on some of these. If you want a good challenge and want to take your cardistry to the next level, this is it.



I would only recommend this for advance cardists (knowing the Skater Cut, Madonna and Sybil will help you out a lot). Explanations are a little lacking with no verbal instruction, and there are few pointers, but the over the shoulder camera angle is good enough to pick most of it up. Practice will have to fill in the rest. But as you can tell from the trailer, these flourishes are intense and are well worth the price.

Vortex by Anthony Chanut