Apostles Playing Cards

Deck of cards by Luke Jermay
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Apostles Playing Cards

14.95 usd

Deck of cards by Luke Jermay (14.95)

In stock.

A gorgeous deck of cards with a devious secret feature from one of magic and mentalism’s greatest thinkers.

The “Apostles Deck” is a special collaboration between Luke Jermay and Vanishing Inc. On the surface, this Cartamundi-produced deck of custom playing cards is a thing of beauty. Its stunning design pairs perfectly with a soft and thin feel to make “Apostles Playing Cards” a dream to use.

Luke’s unrivaled attention to detail is also on full display. The back design was meticulously hand-illustrated by Stefan Eriksson. It makes “Apostles Playing Cards” a strikingly elegant alternative to standard “Bicycle Rider Back Playing Cards” without being over-the-top in a way that might arouse unnecessary suspicion form your audience. Just based on their look and feel alone, “Apostles Playing Cards” are a worthy candidate to be your new EDC.

But, that’s just the start. What truly sets “Apostles Playing Cards” apart is the customization options it has built right into the design. You can custom-tailor this deck to fit your exact needs.

A Custom Solution

Luke has probably spent more time working with marked playing cards than most magicians will in their entire lives. Throughout his endeavors, he realized that not every marked deck trick requires the same markings.

Oftentimes you don’t need to know the full suit and value of a playing card. You can perform miracles just by instantly knowing the position of the card or the color of the card. (Those familiar with Luke Jermay’s “Shuffled Out of this World” from “You’re Only Lying to Yourself” will immediately recognize the benefit of the latter).

The “Apostles Deck” design has been meticulously designed to leave inconspicuous space for you to mark the cards based on your needs. You can easily mark just the color, just the suit, just the value, or the entire identity of the card, in just a few seconds per card. These markings blend in perfectly with the design and are completely invisible to the untrained eye.

Each deck of “Apostles Playing Cards” comes with a 30-minute tutorial where Luke walks you through everything you need to know. He explains the different marking styles you can use and their various benefits. You get all this for a price that some basic custom decks cost on their own. This is designed to be your new favorite worker deck of cards.

Each deck of “Apostles Playing Cards” comes sealed in a custom tuck box with a duplicate Three of Clubs, matching Jokers and a specially-printed, criminally-underused card gimmick that is bound to become one of your new favorites after watching the tutorial.

Get your “Apostles Playing Cards” by Luke Jermay today! Available individually or in bricks (for when you realize you never want to leave home without them). Add 12 decks to your cart during our Buy 3, Get 1 Free Black Friday Sale and 3 of those decks will be free!

NOTE: For the best match when marking your "Apostles Playing Cards", you'll want to use a blue Ultra Fine Point Sharpie. They're usually only available in large packs, but we have individual ones available here.

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Customer reviews for Apostles Playing Cards



Handle beautifully. One of the nicest back designs I’ve seen. Just as great in person as in the photographs.



Brilliant and easy to learn.


Laura Bautista

My new favourite deck of cards!
Jermay big fan and so satisfied with this new idea. It's versatile and effective and it definitely feels so good. Flexible, beautiful and smooth deck of cards with tons of possibilities. The video explanation is a great masterclass so I could not ask for more.



I recently purchased the Apostles Playing Cards and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. These cards are not only beautifully designed, but they are also made with high-quality thin cards that make them easy to handle. The intricate details on each card make them a joy to look at and use, whether you're a magician looking to incorporate them into your act or just a card enthusiast looking for a unique and eye-catching deck. I highly recommend these cards to anyone looking for a top-notch deck that combines style and substance.



I love these cards and the gaff card included with the deck . I have enjoyed using these cards over and over



Luke Jermay and Vanishing Inc. have done it again!

The first thing you’ll notice when you receive these is how nice the tuck box is. It’s almost like holding a denim box I. Your hands - Mine will be going straight into a card clip to keep it pristine.

Upon opening the deck, you’ll be surprised to see how thin the deck actually is. Next to a standard Bicycle deck these things look tiny, but in a good way.

The back design is beautiful with plenty of ways to mark them to your own taste (grab the fine point sharpie when adding these to your cart).

The faces are nicely presented, and the aces and jokers are of a lovely design.

The extra card is not something I was familiar with, but as soon as I saw it my mind was racing with ideas. You’ll love it too.

Luke’s tutorial video is nicely shot, and goes over all you need to know with this deck. As usually, Like is full of hints, tips and subtleties that will help elevate what is possible with this deck.

These are now my new EDC (sorry Phoenix cards), and I’m sure the’ll be loved by everyone who buys them.



These are pasteboards worthy of your love.

Play with them.

Perform with with them.

Use them with pride.

They are worthy.

VI Monthly


As a card collector I am always looking for quality marked cards. Luke did it again plus he added a beautiful design and color to this deck, it has became one of my favorites for performance.






You might ask youself why should you spend money on an unmarked deck to mark when you can get a Sharpie and any old unmarked Bicycle deck for a lot less. Well, you'll have to trust me, but this deck is well worth it. It is ingeneously designed with the most efficacious places on the back pattern to put your own marks. There is no way anyone will be able to figure out the marking system. It handles beautifully. Better still, you're supplied with a gaffed card, which is almost worth the price of the deck itself, that will allow you to do an extremely clean force by Lubor. I chuckled when I saw it because it's so Luke Jermay, the use of a idea lost to the sands of time that will blow minds. It was just like on the Penguin Lecture when Jermay baffled a roomful of mentalists by using a Franklin Taylor peek deck from the 1940s. He proves that there is much forgotten stuff that is better than the latest and greatest things released today. If you want to have fun experimenting with marked decks--and that great force--the Apostles are perfect.



This is a wonderful and very useful deck with its beautiful back design. It comes with a unique gimmicked joker and a great video demonstration by Luke Jermay showing how to use the gimmick in several ways for a different approach in card tricks. He further demonstrates how you can create your own individual style markings on the colorful back designs for a personalized marked deck.



The tutorial for the "Apostles" card deck by Luke Jermay is very well presented. It is interesting, instructional aspects are explained clearly, and his pronunciation of the words can be understood. His presentation is professional and not an exhibition of trying to be comical, telling jokes, or displaying foolish behavior. I do enjoy Luke Jermay's tutorial because they are to the point and actually teach the workings and features of the product.



So - Here is my review. The cards are / feel thinner and make the double lift so much easier - a must for beginners. The design is nice, but very cramped. With my 1.75x readers I can still barely see the details to even consider marking them. Spreading them is very easy as well as handling. I will use them as a regular deck w/o marking. The first time I used them I was asked - "that's a busy card back - is it marked?" I laughed bc the first time I used my Harapan deck no one said a thing. Love the cards / feel - not a fan of the design. Almost looks like a copy machine printed the back. MagicDoctr



A beautiful deck with plenty of carefully considered opportunities for personalization. Luke's tutorial is great, as ever. He really makes me want to be a better mentalist. I wasn't aware of the marking system he teaches but on applying it, it actually makes more sense than you might intuitively think. Give it a go. It's just a shame these cards can't be purchased at a brick discount - I'd love to make them my every day carry. Oh, and the deck comes with a very exciting and rarely seen gaff - or at least it should do. The second deck I purchased very strangely didn't. I'd recommend checking immediately on receipt.



What a great idea.. So much thought put into this... And oh boy, those cards are smooth.



This is worth buying. I am a huge fan of Luke's work and especially the marksman deck (MMD) which every Tamariz Stack fan should own. The extra cards included are fantastic and look forward to using them.
Minus a star as I would have really loved if Luke had touched on stacks generally or MMD like features. This deck will not replace an MMD deck without investment and deep thought from the reader.

VI Monthly


Love Luke's take on most things...this deck a solid offering.

One note...Luke's video explanation of the marking process (it's not baked into the deck) is a little confusing because he very rationally explained his reasoning for using CSHD in his marks was a convoluted back to CHSD in his subsequent mentions (blame mental muscle memory). Video explanation should include a lower-third super that clarifies his misstatement.

Love you, Luke (and Vanishing, Inc.) It's the script supervisor (and college professor) in me that caught the continuity error.



I recommend not purchasing this deck. Jermay has his own line of marked cards, which are far better. This deck is difficult to read because the markings will be so small. Also a non-standard design simply calls unwanted attention to itself as being "different.” For the money, you can purchased multiple marked decks that will serve you far better.


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  • John asks: Is the marking system large enough to be read easily at a distance.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Probably not but there are different markings taught.
  • Matthew asks: These cards are great. I'd love to make them my EDC. Will it be possible to buy a brick?

    • 1. Jim answers: You can buy a brick right now. For other details, consider contacting customer services.
    • 2. Matthew answers: How though? Buy 12 decks individually? Normally bricks are priced so you save on the individual deck prices.
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  • Daniel asks: Is the customisation left hand friendly?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: These are marked by yourself so you can mark them so they work left handed
  • Daniel asks: Does it have a double backer?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It does not.
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