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Trick by Roddy McGhie and Jamie Williams
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Sticker Kicker

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Trick by Roddy McGhie and Jamie Williams (From $14.95)

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Sticker Kicker - magic
Sticker Kicker Sticker Kicker

Their signed card becomes a sticker in this wildly trippy and shockingly unique effect that will leave their brains turned inside out.

“Sticker Kicker” by Jamie Williams is the type of unforgettable experience that will last with your audience long after you leave. While it might look like a regular card magic trick to start, “Sticker Kicker” is the farthest thing from your standard card trick. The mind-bending kicker ending will have them questioning reality.

We’re quite certain you’ve never seen anything like “Sticker Kicker”. It’s a bizarre topological mystery, sucker trick and bar bet combined into one memorable routine that is so fun and easy to perform. Use it as a standalone or a powerhouse ending to your favorite card magic set. This is your new heavy hitter.

What is “Sticker Kicker” by Jamie Williams?

A three-round challenge is presented starting with the first round where they have to place a small white sticker as close to the center on the back of a playing card as possible. They do this easily and you proceed to round two where they have to sign their name on the other side of this card. As long as they can write their own name, they win.

Seems easy so far. Right?

They’re two-thirds of the way there. All they have to do is remove the white sticker on the back to complete round three and win the game. Confidently, they go to peel off the sticker, only to find that it is impossible to remove.

After they give up, you reveal that they do indeed have to remove the sticker. They just didn’t realize that you had impossibly transformed the entire back of the card into one sticker.

You will never grow tired of watching their jaws hit the floor as you peel off the entire back of the card. This playing card sticker has a hole right in the middle where their white sticker once was. The white sticker has seemingly melted into the solid blank back. Everything is examinable and they can even keep the sticker as a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

“Sticker Kicker” is a beautifully crafted routine that takes your audience on a journey toward a truly spectacular piece of magic. You’ll get all the props needed to start performing immediately. This includes 10 re-usable gimmicks that you can give away or use for many performances (refills sold separately).

The included instructions walk you through the basic routine, as well as a ton of fun bonus ideas from Roddy McGhie designed to help you get the most out of “Sticker Kicker”.

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Customer reviews for Sticker Kicker



Sticker Kicker is a perfect fooler! It is obvious why it won trick of the year!

With a simple premise of a game, you can blow your audience's minds!
The moves are very easy, allowing you to work on your presentation.
As well as the audience having fun playing along, the final 'kicker' at the end is something that they won't see coming, and they can keep the card at the end as a souvenir. Each box has plenty of refills to keep you going too!



Sticker Kicker by Jamie Williams and Roddy McGhie is a great trick. It’s easy to perform and easy for people to understand. There is a simple sleight that you need to do. However, it is still important to practice, so that you don’t accidentally flash. You will know what I mean when you watch the tutorial.
The trailer shows that you can write “Thank you for playing” on the card, but the card itself is blank, so you can pretty much write down anything you want. For myself, I sometimes write down my contact information and use it as a business card.

I do have one complaint though. The colour of the sticker is a bit different from the colour of a real playing card. If you put them side by side, you can easily see the difference between them. I guess there are things that you can do to distract people, so they don’t pay too much attention to the colour. For some laymen, I am sure they can’t notice it.

Overall, this is a great trick, because people get to do everything and end with a souvenir. I think it is even better than the trick that has a cutout, and then you show it’s a black sticker at the end. Sorry, I don't remember the name of that trick.


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  • Isaac asks: How difficult is this effect to perform?

    • 1. answers: Sticker kicker is very easy to perform. If you can do a DL you can perform this effect.
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  • Douglas asks: Are refills available? Thanks.

    • 1. Jim answers: They are coming soon!
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    • 1. answers: The cards you receive are blank on the back so you can write whatever you like :)
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  • Christoph asks: Awesome trick! But, was the color issue solved already, are the gaffs of the exact bicycle red color? Thanks!

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    • Omar asks: Has the colour issue been solved?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: These are still the same as the original release
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