Magic by Jamie Williams

CelebriKey Trick
Trick by Matthew Wright, Marvelous-FX Ltd and Jamie Williams - From $19.95

A stunning prediction you can take with you anywhere. While some say the best magic happens in the spectator's minds, others say the best magic...

Sticker Kicker Trick
Sticker Kicker
Trick by Roddy McGhie and Jamie Williams - From $14.95

Their signed card becomes a sticker in this wildly trippy and shockingly unique effect that will leave their brains turned inside out. “Sticker...

Movie Quiz Trick
Movie Quiz
Trick by Jamie Williams and MB Magic - $29.95 $25.50 (SAVE $4.45)

A fun, unique, and memorable addition to any repertoire. Take your audience on a cinematic journey they'll never forget. "Movie Quiz" by...

Star Draws Trick
Star Draws
Trick by Matthew Wright and Jamie Williams - 39.95

Simple and powerful magic and mentalism from the creative minds of Matthew Wright and Jamie Williams. Your participant freely selects any crayon...